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    New tank

    That sounds a lot like me. :D
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    New tank

    Good plan, I am still partial to CaRx but dosing may be easier on a 75.
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    New tank

    Is this going to be a frag tank Dave or frag and grow out duties? Hey Mark and George!
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    We are back

    Who are these people? :D
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    anyone have sponge issues?

    No firm identification, but it is fairly easy to deal with. It peels off easily or use a tooth brush or peroxide (out of the tank) to remove the rest.
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    180 display/445 system build

    Hello Roy, been a while my friend.
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    Misled's 80 gallon Mixed Up Deep Blue Rimless Edge Lagoon

    Good job Jesse!!! Your existing rock looks pretty good and should blend nicely with what Richard sends.
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    Misled's 80 gallon Mixed Up Deep Blue Rimless Edge Lagoon

    Yes it is, but 60 years ago. :D Hi Jesse! :wave:
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    Geezer's Reasonable Reef Build

    John, it looks fine. A very old member here once said a tank without algae is a tank in trouble, or something like that. :D
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    Anyone Thinking of Dumping LEDS and going back to Halides

    It is very hard to predict the future. I remember when tube amplifiers were replaced by transistors and solid state circuitry. Tube amps are still around and more popular than ever with.
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    I hate my skimmer

    The G3 was a great skimmer, but as noted above you have to have enough bio-load for it. If you do not have enough it will shut down for a while until enough has built up to be skimmed out. I ran this skimmer for years and found it to be very effective. I also had a high bio-load with heavy...
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    I have old school skimmer - do I need new?

    He cannot remove the bio-balls, they are what makes the bubbles in the skimmer.
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    drummereef's 180g in-wall build

    Yes it does.
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    Building an SPS Monster- my 1300 gallon SPS display

    I have no words that adequately describe what I see in your build John, it is simply amazing. I love that you still employ the things from the past that worked. I have said for a very long time that what worked before will still work today. You are the proof of that. Your system appears...
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    drummereef's 180g in-wall build

    Welcome back Brett! That is a beast of a skimmer. Photobucket ate thousands of my pics too. I never had a problem with paying them, but $400 a year was robbery, they made an offer for some of us non-commercial people for $100 a year, which is fair enough, so I caved.