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  • And I have a question I read it on a post it was saying that putting a hippo tang in a 90 is bad and that it won't fit and yet I have had mine in my 90 for two to three years and her tank mates are lion fish,hog fish,scorpion fish, two green chromes,and I wanna get me a yellow tang and a yellow eyed tang what do you think I should do fish wise keeping in mind that I have a scorpion fish and a dwarf lion :)
    No worries, everyone comes into the hobby at various levels, even if you think you have a silly question, ask it. It may end up saving you lots of money.
    Thank you for the pointers. I get the feeling this site it gonna get hit hard for silly questions until I get my head around the job in hand.
    how have things been going? Sorry for the gap in communication. I just got done swithing to a 55g tank. couldnt pass on the $1 a gallon at petco.
    hello there, just letting you know I got my MH lights today on my new reef tank.. posted a picture in my album. check it out when you get a chance. btw, I like your tank alot.. wish I could get a 6' 125-150g tank.. ohh well Im stuck with two 55g for now.. ttyl
    I am an avid Bowhunter as well. WY is the place to live if you are a hunter anyways. Looking forward to getting this tank where I want it.
    i will bring the maxi jets with me i am leaving gillette. pm me your name and phone # I will call you
    you going to be around this weekend? i will bring the maxi jets down. i was thinkin 20.00 for each with the maxijet and the mod kit with it. they are like brand new. i ended up breaking down and buying 2 mp40w pumps. They work good but they better for 400.00 each. I was broke for most of the summer after that purchase.
    No not getting out just making it easier to move. We are heading to California. I have some montiporas and other SPS that i can frag I also have a frogspawn and candy cane I can frag. some zoas but they will be harder to frag and survive the trip back to gillette. You can come by and check them out if not for anything just to meet and chat.
    what kind of frags you got. maybe look at trading and where you moving to? you getting out of the hobby?
    i have 3 maxi jet mod kits with the maji jets 1200 if you need any that are for sale. Would work great on your 125
    I am going down there to the denver area and look around and see if any places got any good corals for sale. coral hunting i guess you call it. Reef n pond in denver is a good place i know.
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