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  • On my latest test results, I tested 0 phosfates, 500 ppm calcium, 1470 mag, 7.4 alk using hanna checker. And 6.4 alk using red sea test kit. My question is with these reading would that be the reason why my lps where not in good health as of late? As far as 0 phosfate, it's first time I see it at zero, usually it's ranging from .03 to .15
    No. I never use sponge. It's a nitrate factory. Ditto ceramic noodles, floss and other mechanical filters. Your rock and sand and skimmer do what filters do.
    Thanks again for all your helpful input, Sk8r ! As an old roller rink shuffle-sk8r, I just was wondering - What sort of sk8ing do you do ? I love to shuffle-sk8 to funky music....
    Is it possible for you to unlock this two threads for me? I like to post updates.
    Thanks for your response.
    I agree with your assessment about ich. If they got it, it would show up by now.
    They're very healthy looking and eating well. They come out of their hides immediately when they see me approach, they are quite bold. Looking forward to adding them to my DT.
    I have a couple questions about QT.
    I have a 5 gal tank, with hob filter (Aqueon 10).
    All water parameters are normal... 1.024sg, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, <10ppm Nitrates
    Temp 78, Phosphate <0.1
    I have (2) PVC fittings, an 1.5" elbow and a 1.5" tee as hide spots.
    There are (2) Bangaii cardinals that have been in the tank since May 24, I started the QT just 2 days prior to putting the fish in, using water from my DT's last water change.
    The fish are doing great and I spend plenty of time observing them and no signs of abnormal behavior. They are feeding very well on PE Mysis.
    Question 1: Is it normal to get diatoms growing on the PVC fittings? (i am assuming its diatoms, its splotchy brown stuff on top surface of the fittings).
    Question 2: Is it too soon to move them to my DT ?
    Several of my threads in the Lounge were closed for no apparent reason. I was not notified, nor was there any violation of any rule. Is it possible for me to know who closed the threads and why?
    Minh Nguyen
    No. Nothing sold will do the job except cupramine. Best treatment is hypo or cupramine or Tank Transfer as described in that forum.
    Hi wondering if you have any opinion on Rid Ich Plus if its effective or not for ich posted information in disease forum.
    I am new to SW and RC so your posts have proven to be extremely valuable for me. Thank you!! I will keep reading and keep following you! :) So excited about my journey and glad to have virtually met folks here in RC.
    thanks for all of your advice as I get started up. given your depth of knowledge and willingness to help I am interested in your tank(s). any pictures or links to pictures you could share.
    can you delete this thread so i can start a new one....or just delete everything except the original post
    It was Brooklynella. Killed two of the three fish I had. One clown left who has been dipped in paraguard. Seems to be recovering... Knock on wood. I HATE marine solutions here in STL. I picked up ich, brooklynella and I believe internal parasites! I can't believe it!
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