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    Starry Blenny missing?

    I'm tearing down my tank due to a leak and started draining it and remove all the rocks. Removed all the fish except my Blenny. Can't find him anywhere. Checked all the rocks. Nothing. Do they hide in the sand? skeeter
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    How important is it to have a higher salinity with coral/anemones?

    I was told by my LFS that they keep their salinity low to closely match the suppliers salinity so it is easier to acclimate them quickly with less stress to them. At 1.020 it wouln't cause any harm. But knowing a lot of business people, any way you can save a little without causing a problem is...
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    What should I do next?

    What are your plans for the two bottom bulkheads? Closed recirc system? skeeter
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    Cleaning Sandbed

    You may also want to count your cleanup crew. They only last 1-3 years and will slowly die off with out you noticing sometimes. May need to do a slight restocking. skeeter
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    Weld-on 4 for butt joints?

    I was wondering if you could/should use Weld-on 4 to weld two pieces together, end-to-end, to make a longer piece. Say two 96"x12"x3/4" pieces to make a single 192"x12"x3/4" piece. This would be to make a tank 16' long but only 1' tall. I understand you could also use #40 but i have read that...
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    ATO, Why do people even need a ATO switch?

    BTW Optionman, nice tank.
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    ATO, Why do people even need a ATO switch?

    You can't measure (TDS) Total Dissolved Solids in your reef tank. It's for measuring the purity of your R/O DI water. Every time your R/O DI machine turns on the first bit of water is very high in TDS, 150ppm+. It then goes down rapidly to around 10ppm or less depending on how well your R/O...
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    ATO, Why do people even need a ATO switch?

    Can you say TDS creep? skeeter
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    Quarantine one or all

    Usually clowns like to play around with each other. Are these clowns the same type, ie orange with white, red with white, black with white, etc...? skeeter
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    Bucket head vacuum attachment, nice!

    I have one. It sucks my sump dry before I can finish cleaning the bottom with it. How do you make it adjustable? skeeter
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    Extruded vs Cell Cast

    So i cant decide to use 3/8" or 1/2". I was planning on a rimless tank so i am leaning to 1/2" but that means an extra $50 for the acrylic. Skeeter
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    Extruded vs Cell Cast

    Yeah, they qouted me about $20 more for custom pieces than i could buy their standards sizes and have alot of cutoff left overn
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    Extruded vs Cell Cast

    Prices look pretty good. $82 for 1/4" and $120 for 3/8". And that includes shipping.
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    Extruded vs Cell Cast

    Those prices online look pretty good. I have emailed for a quote with shipping.
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    Mixing Station Pumps

    I'm using two of these for my mixing station and top off system I got on ebay. I was concerned about the quality but they have served me...