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  • hey self! you better not e messing with myself!! consider yourself warned! goddamn self.....
    yes they are from cutter but i ordered the royal blue XP-E and not XR-E like i meant to >.< dammit self .. I really have to cut back on the beer intake... maybe the mistake was a blessing in disguise.. we'll see.

    There is no blue XP-G ! if that is what you're looking for... For blues the XR-E royal blues worked well as an actinic supplement to my 150w MH. The XP-E seems very similar in color however, the selection of optics for XPG and XPE (they use same optics) seems more limited than XR-E.

    If anyone else is reading this and you know of some good flood type optics for these itty bitty types LEDs please feel free to PM me a link. thanks!
    Hi Skeptic,
    Are these LED on the pictures from Cutter? I can't find the RBs on their page... noob
    Thanks Jan
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