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    what's the best weather app?

    Screw that noise. They can keep that humid BS. :eek: I'm a big fan of the WeatherBug app myself for the simple reason that it's FAST. The Weather Channel's app "works" and I do have it because their radar picture is often a little more accurate than the weatherbug one when things get...
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    ??? About pumps

    I'm destroying my bathroom soon, and will have better pictures when I have the walls off there. For the fitting I use these couplings in polypropylene, non-locking Female Male The fittings are...
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    ??? About pumps

    Welcome to my world :). I use an Iwaki 100 and 1.5" PVC to do the job. Luckily my house is bubble-frame so all my interior walls are open through the second floor to the attic. Current codes don't allow that, but in 1903, it was done a lot. Only the first floor is covered with subfloor, and...
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    New LED Build

    As a fellow tinkerer, I'd love to see what you've done. If I ever do it again, I might use thermal epoxy instead of bolts. They're just a PITA to work with.
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    Parting out

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    washed the salt shaker and didn't refill it

    Anybody ever tried this? Sounds like a great idea :)
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    Well that was shocking !!

    Pumps get me more often than heaters. Of course I try to replace heaters frequently BEFORE the fail...
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    The Heat is On

    It's here... For the rest of the week, this is the real deal. High temps and high humidity is our tanks combined worst nightmare. My white LEDs were barely on at all today as the tank hovered around 83. Might have to suck it up and bust out the AC tomorrow. Remember folks, when the dew...
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    Mag Pumps

    Yeah, they use the same basic footprint for all those. Impeller size might help too. The 3 and 5 use the same impeller, but the 2 and 7 are different...
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    Mag Pumps

    You could get a better idea if you measured it. Marine Depot has dimensions in the section
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    What is the most unconventional way you have had reef items delivered ?

    I've done that twice with Joe :). I was just waiting for Campus Police to roll by and exchange pleasantries. To add some weird to my version, I brought them back inside and tucked them away in an environmental room I had dialed up to a happy temperature.
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    Dosing nitrate or other nitrogen sources to reduce phospahte

    If we end up starting to dose ammonium nitrate, I'm gonna have to put my foil hat on and start fearing the gubment :)
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    Dosing nitrate or other nitrogen sources to reduce phospahte

    Your posts always leave my head spinning Tom :). What you propose makes sense to investigate for sure. Realistically our tanks are tiny microcosms of a natural reef which are surely deficient in some ways from that environment. I've gradually become a big fan of boozing up my tank with vodka...
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    How many in URS dose Lanthanum chloride?

    Used to, but don't anymore. Carbon is easier. Truth be told I stopped a long time in between starting carbon since maintaining filter socks with that tight lining was a PITA.
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    Pump vs pump.. Opinions?

    Wow, thanks dwzm, I always thought the Iwakis and the Bluelines were shaft coupled. Learn something new all the time :). I love your explanation about high-flow low-head and vice versa pumps, as that's very applicable and always missed by folks looking at new pumps for the first time.