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    Where to buy mantis online?

    i got mine on it turned out to be a 2 inch ciliata, a nice suprise. they are on and off with having mantis
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    g. ternatensis

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    ive had my wennerae about 3 weeks or so and two days ago he began to have his first molt i believe. but today he is out in the open and will swim for a while then look like he just stops moving, then a few seconds later he will swim around again. he has lost alot of color and wont eat. what...
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    How much flow?

    how much flow should a N. Wennerae have?
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    BREEDING mantis shrimp

    they sound like copopods to me
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    Newbie Mantis Tank

    also you can check roys list at the top of the page, it gives the tank size for each
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    Newbie Mantis Tank

    wennerae dont need tha big of a tank, about a 5 gallon or so. thats what i have mine in and he only uses about 1/4 of the size. i think you would be happy with any of these three as they are all pretty hardy and interactive. i love my wennerae and would reccomend them to anyone.
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    sweet! crab didnt even have a chance. got him from behind and even knocked his legs off.
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    what type of squid do you use and where do you get the silversides? just at the LFS or like a fish market?
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    Anybody do bare bottom?

    i wouldnt go BB. my mantis is digging down in there all day. its pretty important for them making their lair
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    Watts Per Gallon

    the watts only matters to the tank that is being lit. the sump is not being lit, it is only adding volume to the total of the system. the watt per gallon method is just an indicator to see how much light it hitting things so far down. so only the volume of the display tank matters.
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    Evidence that gorrilla crabs are bad?

    now thats justice. attempt to kill and be killed, only to sustain the thing that you were attempting to kill almost poetic
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    N. wenn for sale ($10) in San Diego

    pm sent
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    stocking question for 10g FO

    The tank is just too small for that many clownfish. Clownfish are territorial and will not like anyone coming in their area. It doesnt matter if they are more clownfish, you will have violence on your hands. Plus i really think 4 clownfish are just too much for a 10 gallon