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  • hi,I see a little while back in 2010 you was contemplating getting a longhorn off a friend, how did it go in the end?just wondering because i'm thinking about getting one soon. any info on your experience would be great. thanks garry
    Hi--I read your ecopico build. Everything looks great. I just got the same one and have one question I hope you can help me with---the filter that you added on (Red Sea but now under the brand Azoo) it small enough to be able to use the glass top for the ecopico? I know there is a little bit of room cut out in the back of the glass top for the LED light and I didn't know if the filter you got will work with that. If so I am definitely going to pick one up. Thanks in advance. Mike
    I saw your T5 combination, in a previous post, of:
    Blue +
    Aquablue Special

    I was thinking of doing the exact same lighting, so I was wondering if you had any pics of your setup? Thanks!
    I have a 48" also

    That is a extremely generous offer, but I work late and rarely make it into the city

    Do you know if the ATI Purple bulb does anything for growth or is it really more for color?
    Hi Pal,
    I'll try to stop by tomorrow after I finish work in the north west suburbs, at 6pm. When I reach downtown, I'll give you a call. But, I lost all contacts? Let me know if you would like me to stop by (when frags r still available!) Thank you.

    Malek, 773 312 2688.
    i would love to take that skimmer off your hands the other guy never responded to my texted ... I'm on drill this weekend in great lakes so i'll be passing by you sunday around 4 . Let me know 773-310-3998
    Sorry, I couldn't get back to you they removed my post. I didn't realized that offering fish for sale wasn't allowed yet. Anyway, I'm located in Allentown, PA and the Latz Clowns are still available.
    I have a 130 gallons with stand and hood with 6 t5 light retro letting go for $350.00 lmk

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