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  • Hi ,

    I purchased 3 blue/ regal tang 3days ago and have them in QT which is painted black and it's dark my concern is all 3 blue tang don't swim or eat but just laydown and their gills are moving. I know they like to play dead but for how long is it coz the tank is dark and no light. Anything that i have to worry about here. Also tried them feedind nori and brine shrimp with garlic.

    Note: Water is taken from DT

    Please advice

    No just read a message awhile ago that u fixed the lights or u knew somebody that fixed them or u knew an electrician that fixed the lights hopefully u can help me out
    trying to fix my coralife light i think the ballast went out cus i changed the bulbs but it still flikering u know where i can take it to get fixed
    Hey Able did you ever figure the cost to make one these ph holders and add the shipping cost to total please. Id appreciate it you could make me one.

    Mahalo, Ike
    i can maybe come by to help with it or at least call me, im at work and i forgot my phone. pm me here til then
    Just emptied and moved the tank yesterday. Not as bad when we had to move it downstairs. gonna clean it up a bit and prob. tomorrow start filling it up if I can figur out how to connect the RO filter all together.

    Don't forget about saturday @ my casa!
    now will that change any of your water levels ( putting frag plugs) in your system or do u have to let them soak for a while?
    hey able this is gus just wondering if u talked to your friend about constructing that aquarium?
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    Hi skunkmere! I was looking at the forums and searching "Mexico" I found your "cool / not cool" thread (OT +++im in mexico). I wonder if you can tell me where you get your reef supplies from, specially the rock you said @ .70 per pund and 7 usd per kilo lr. Thank you very much for your attention,

    Someone is up early! Whut you on today? I wanted to see if you were free after 12pm so I can stop by to pick up a needle?
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