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  • I'm wanting to buy double cone skimmer unsure of size to get. It will be going on a 225 gallon tank with about 235 gallons of total water volume. It will be stocked with 100 to 150 inches of fish.

    Thanks ,Darrell
    Hello Slief,

    Hope your holidays were well!

    Converting Apex ready lights to GHL.

    RJ45 8 wires to RJ12/11 6 wires

    To Profilux:

    blue white

    Wires are in the middle 4 positions from left to right with clip side down.

    Would you please let me know what I need to change in order to get the light to work and respond to dimming? I am working with 2 Orphek PR-72s.

    Thank you in advance,
    Scott, I'm starting a new build and I'm looking for a price for a RE fleece filter for my 500 gal system. The website is a bit confusing. I see a lot of dreamboxes, but I'm looking for just a fleece filter. Hope all is well with you,

    sorry to bug you but I can't seem to get help anywhere. Even the local shops that carry Bubbleking products aren't able to help.
    I'm trying to replace the motor block on a Vertex Alpha 180. And I think the motor block mbk100 for the mini 180 skimmer might work. But I need to confirm if all the motor blocks are the same size.
    I have a 650 liter sps tank with a bbk dc 200 rd3 skimmer
    how many W should you set the Rd3? put it all the way down so that there is more air flow?
    Hi there, Would you have time to implement tunze powerhead code? I could give you access to my apex and send photos of what I have, if you have time you could quote me the cost. I'm in Australia
    hope Im not bothering you but got contacted buy someone from the forum about a used 160 mini what would be a good price to pay and I see the new one have the controller with would make it a bit more vs the old ac pump, thanks if he's asking too much I might purchase 150 cone for the outside pump easier for maintenance
    Gm Scott. Can you please send me a link for the correct anti vibration set for the 100W return. Im pretty sure its 1" output but don't see the 100W listed on the site. Thanks Paul C.

    I spoke with you approximately a year ago when I was trying to decide what return pump I wanted to purchase and use for my 375. After talking with you I decided to to purchase this pump, Red Dragon 3 Speedy 230 Watt ~ 20,5m³ ~ 10V connection. I have decided to purchase a second pump for redundancy, I know overkill, but to also plumb in a remote display sump and a frag tank, both are going to be approximately 10' away from the sump. Along with pluming in a new manifold to run a slew of equipment. I have 2 questions. Should I purchase the regular flow pump or the high pressure pump? Who is a good retailer that would have them in stock right now?
    Hi there,

    I have a Red Dragon 3 skimmer pump and am observing a F8 error for almost a month now. I followed your instructions from your earlier post ( and have verified that there were no salt build up in the air tube or nozzle.

    After taking out the pump and decalcify with vinegar, I can ensure that no calcification is affecting the rotor. However, water output from the RD3 pump appears to be not able reach an effective level for efficient skimming.

    Would you be able to make any recommendation? Or is this cosidered as a defective pump and that I should get a replacement?

    Appreciate your looking into this.

    Hey Scott, Hope things are well. I'm in the middle of putting together a coral system. Running 2- 80 gal frag tanks and a 45 gal Nem tank. Going to be very light load. Tanks will have maybe 1 tang for algae control. Sump is large and has a fuge area. Total volume i am looking at is around 200 gals. Return will be handled by the 100W RD. Looking for your recommendations for a skimmer.

    Thanks Paul C.

    Hope you can help me giving a decision for my latest tank setup.

    However, I have to mention first that I am not a very much fish lover, my tanks always had few fish and a lot of sps. My skimmers were always at least 2 times larger than recommended total water in tank.

    I always had the problem of very low levels of phosphate and nitrate. So, the pale sps colours.

    Now my new tank will be 160-170 gallons, and my plan is to get BK DC 180; but it is rated for 130 gallons.
    The display is around 140 gallons by the way.

    What would you suggest, is it Ok to go with Dc 180.

    Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.
    tom obrecht says you're the man that can help me revive my Bubble King Deluxe 300. It has an old dead Red Dragon Red Devil II pump (240 Watt). I'm not sure what the modern replacement would be (and if its worth the investment). Is that something you can help with?

    Hello Slief, I am in the process of building my dream tank and am down to buying a return pump. The tank is 375g (96”x30”x30”) with a 280g fuge and a 90g sump. I am going to start this tank using the Triton Method which recommends running 10x gph of the DT, which for me would be about 3750gph. I posed a question in the lights filtration and other equipment titled Best Large Volume Return Pump Options. In that conversation I mentioned that I had looked at the Abyzz and then Dragon Pumps. Two members stated the Red Dragons were top notch and to speak with you about them. I would like to see if I could get your opinion on what model would work best for me (ideally I would like to run two pumps for redundancy) and what I would need to integrate them with apex. Any help and info would be greatly appreciated! Mike

    do you still have the software for the reef tech LED? If you do can you send it to me? My computer crashed and cant find the software anymore.

    Based in no small part on your reviews, I have purchased 3 Mitras LX7206. I would greatly appreciate if you would be so kind as to send me a project that you find works well. I have a 60x24x24 tank, with the Mitras at 8" above the top, evenly spaced apart. It is a relatively new tank and running mixed reef with a few fish.
    Thanks so much!

    Best regards,
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