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    Help removing bulkheads

    When I first looked at your pic I was like whoa look at all those bulkheads! I also thought hey this guy is a pirate.
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    Filter cups

    When I used cups I found the Tunze Macro Wadding worked best. It's more coarse than your typical polyester floss, yet still quite efficient at trapping debris. A little goes a long way. I'd cut a little piece and fluff it up then very lightly fill the cup. It holds it shape well without...
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    Vermetid snails and selling frags

    Does anyone not have vermetids?
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    Used Tunze 9006 or better option?

    The foam extractor is included with the 9410 now.
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    Best lighting?

    T5. Plug it in and it grows corals.
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    How are you guys not scratching glass w/ sand when you clean??

    Tunze Care magnets are much less likely to pick up sand, in fact I can clean below the sand line without picking up any.
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    Kessil Club

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    Kessil Club

    I'd start with three and add more later if needed. Three will fit nicely between the braces.
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    Best position of powerheads in a cube

    How's it working for you like that?
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    50 PPM tds in NYC?

    Great bagels, crappy coffee.
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    Whats wrong with UPS?

    There is a silver lining here. We get to meet the mysterious neighbors when UPS screws up. My neighbor right next door bought the house three years ago and I have only seen glimpses of him. The other day he was at my door with a package UPS delivered to his house. Guess what? He's into reef...
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    Best position of powerheads in a cube

    Sort of. The exiting water without the deflector will spin to the left in a tornado-like fashion. Try it where it is and see how you like it. If you keep it on the left side I would mod the deflector by trimming off 2/3 of the semicircle shroud so you can direct the flow to the right towards the...
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    Best position of powerheads in a cube

    Based on your picture, rotate it 90 degrees so you are looking at the propeller when looking into the front of the tank. Try it with the flow deflector removed and see how you like it. I personally would put it on the other side of the tank since the prop spins counter-clockwise and the exiting...
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    Aquamaxx Ws1 owners - bubble wrap inside skimmer

    I got excited for a second but I see you said wrap, not trap. I run a sponge under the discharge because the thing spews so many microbubbles.