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  • Hello,

    I was wondering how to join SLASH. The link appears to be down. Also I was hoping to rent the suction cups to move my tank from Branson to Old Monroe this week end.
    It can be done. I kept SPS in tap water. I had a crocea clam for about a year or two until my starry night blenny decided he liked the hole the clam was sitting in and started nipping at it to keep it closed up so he could access it. My biggest fear with tap was that the city would do something crazy with the water chemistry and jack everything up.
    hey man,

    I was curious about how you used tap water and prime for a long time (as you mentioned at the PN).

    I have a buddy startign up his tank and he is going to use tap with prime and i was wondering what types of corals you kept? My buddy wants clams and i think that is a long shot with tap water... what do you think?
    Hi, I work with Susan. I have a 28g that's been up for a month + She told me about this site and the swap on the 15th... not sure I can make it, but I think I will try to be there (It's a good hour and 15 min from my house). Also, have you seen this website ?? It's who I ask most of my questions to, just wondering if you thought that was a good resource. Thanks.
    Hi, I have been bugging reeferhead, and rams. I dont know how to get my new sign on and password for SLASH. I signed on at nanooks party, and I hate to bother anyone. Sorry, I seen the post to ask you questions, so here goes, how do I get a sign on name and password? Thanks for your help. Dawn
    Any time Starr. Glad you had a good time! Pizza nights are better for getting to know people and have a good conversation but the swaps are a good opportunity to mingle a little more and see a lot of faces that don't make it to the pizza nights very often.
    Just wanted to thank you for all the advice at the swap meet. I had a very good time! I'll be looking forward to the next pizza night. I think those are more fun since a new person has a better chance of really meeting the people.

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