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    WHAT'S IN red sea colors ABCD

    Says the member that created multiple alts on R.2,R, to stir the pot time and time again. The member that created an alt account to post inappropriate adult content because you had it in for another member. That is just he tip of the iceberg so save us your higher than thou post.
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    Montipora shed all it's color!

    LOL. By that logic we should not be using Supergluegel, or baking soda, or ammonia or.........:headwally:
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    20 Gallon Desktop

    Beautiful IM20.
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    Black bugs on setosa how to treat

    Interceptor would probably work.
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    What's this acro ID

    Acropora aculeus?
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    Hydnophora Care? (Pictures)

    ^ Yes, it used to be called a Horn coral as well. That is hydnophora rigida.
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    FS: DSA 190 + stand, Vertex V6, Skim SK201, TLF 150, 250W DE MH pendants + ballasts

    Boy it's amazing what happens when one actually reads the title. :-(
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    What is this?

    Red Dictyota.
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    JBJ 30 gallon RL Sps tank.

    Thank you. :-)
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    JBJ Nanocube 28g HQI

    Yeah that makes sense. The tank runs far to hot with the HQI.
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    JBJ Nanocube 28g HQI

    Great tank. What bulb are you running in the HQI?
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    JBJ 30 gallon RL Sps tank.

    Wild A. Florida and a wild A. Sarmantosa. The Sarmantosa I have had for over 6 months. Both DD pieces.
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    ReefWreak's 29g SPS Biocube Adventure!

    Looks fantastic. Yuppers I am looking at a new skimmer as well. I have no really reason to complain, and obviously your sps are doing really well, so why the change for you?
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    Beautiful tank.