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  • Hey David, By chance do you still have the glass cutting hole saws? I am fairly certain I am gonna buy the 48" 120g that bruce has at fishy business this week but I will need to drill it. Gonna have to do the back since we are not sure if the bottom is tempered or not. I am guessing it probably is. I was gonna get the stand also but I think building my own would be better since I want it all white with wains coating to match the rest of the new store. Thanks ! Dave
    Hey David...I have a lawnmower blenny, if you need him (for algae control in your big tank) I would trade him for another baby bangaii. Just let me know O.K. He is a great algae eater!!
    Drilling a tank is pretty easy,what is the thickness.The stand is not that hard,the one for my 240 is the first one I have ever built.My canopy is still in the construction phase,just needs the trim and staining and clear coat.
    If I bought a tank that needs to be drilled and bulk heads added can u do it and how hard is it to build a stand and canopy
    Hey, this is Kevin, are we still on for me to come by Saturday? If so, will 3:00 be ok?
    We still good for 3:30 saturday? I think you said you live on McConnell manor. What is the address so I dont go to the wrong one.
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