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    Is this Green Coraline? looks more like green cyno
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    Phosphate Test Kit/Instrument?

    actually its more like +/-.015....ppb x 3.066 /1000 is the formula
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    How Much PAR for an LTA?

    i have a lta thats 18" in diameter in a 28 gallon with 130w of power not to much par.....its been with me for a year and a half
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    Acan ?

    just cut the plug down
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    Please Help!

    i have the same t5 bulbs were 11 months old when it showed up so i just changed them a couple days ago...(hope that works) almost looks like a green cyno....i just have it in certain areas too....its just on 2 rocks and a spot on the sand in my system.....i hope we can figure...
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    My first clam

    your cal,alk,mag levels are more important....keep them stable
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    My first clam

    also it can be placed anywhere in the have enough lighting dont worry about spot lighting
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    My first clam

    my clam has never really attched itself where its fixed....maybe thats because its small....dont worry about attaching if its open and looks happy....i freaked out about my clam for a while,but now i realize its one of the hardy pieces in my tank.....i looks sweet and seems healthy so just relax...
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    65g of Craigslist craziness

    lol.....akc and ukc are clubs, not all breeds are akc ukc.....
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    65g of Craigslist craziness

    no you are wrong.... read the first sentence
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    Carbon placement in Sump

    no black stuff anywhere.....the first day after i replace the old carbon with new my skimmer pulls some blackness,and i rinse my carbon before use.....i assume thats normal
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    RO filter replacement

    thats what i thought...just wanted to make sure
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    Does this sound fair?

    i cant believe i like it so much....its like a dog in my eyes....i will be checking in with her frequently
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    Does this sound fair?

    i will miss you medusa