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    Wtb Aquaray 1000hd reef white 600ultima reef blue

    Looking to buy from my fellow reefers anyone who has aquaray lighting laying around Wtb: Aquaray Aquabeam1000hd reef white tiles Aquaray Aquabeam 600 ultima Reef blue strips Aquaray multi controller 8 Aquaray rail system with endcap 6ft MSG me if you have any available please Btw I’m in...
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    Reef Brite 150w digital electronic ballast ??

    Reef Brite Digitally Controlled Self Diagnostic Solid State Metal Halide Ballast: Was wondering if...
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    My Acropora's Tank

    beautiful tank! I'm jealous you get to have that system in the workplace. How do you get any work done without playing with sps? Any chance you can upload pictures of the behind the scenes look such as sump, siporax, dosing materials, and such! Thanks again and keep up the good work!
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    JBNY's 270 Ver2.0

    Awesome setup. I'm so glad I stopped in today to check out your v2 system. Keep up the diligent and hard work. No matter any faults or roller coaster rides within the system, just know you have one of the most beautiful systems I have ever seen especially how purple your rock is....If only my...
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    Reef1589's Over the top 40b SPS Build

    thanks for the update, things are going along smoothly.
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    ATI true actinic or blue plus?

    in my observation, actinic 420nm puts off a crisp color that is violet, while blue+ 460nm is blue with a bit of white/green hazy. Using both provides both crispness and sky blue effect. only problem is you can only fit a certain amount of tubes above a tank and they do not blend perfectly...
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    47G SPS...Revamp

    WOW!!!! that fts is looking quite delicious.
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    47G SPS...Revamp

    Im going to give the uv bulbs some time, I have 2 of each the regular actinic as well as the ultrawide uv. Ill let you know down the road the pros and cons. Thanks. As of now, the ultrawide is a turqouise bulb thats crispy like an ati blue plus, but dark falling in the line of an actinic (not as...
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    47G SPS...Revamp

    great update, let us know about the light and bulbs. I recently bought the uv bulbs of pacsuns to see how well they do over some acros. are you running just the white bulbs or what combo of bulbs?
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    My 200gallons SPS Dominated Build

    Great looking fts, and those carpet anemones add a whole other complexion that adds extreme beauty to the overall look and feel. The acros have great color and look extremely healthy. Such an awesome setup and system. A++, Jelly Brah. Thanks for sharing with us and I can't wait to see in the...
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    47G SPS...Revamp

    Please don't make us beg, update in the near future?
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    history of lunar's reef

    Wow beautiful setup. What kind of steroids are you pumping through your system? (: Im sure this ain't the first, but great job and keep up the good work. Inspirational setup and your eye for detail is immaculate. Seriously, I don't think anyone could pass through your thread and not compliment...
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    What to put on MH bulb socket to keep from seizing?

    Noalox should work. Use for extra conductivity as well.