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    Help with icecap gyre 3k disassembly

    I have the same issue with both my 4K Gyre. I'm giving it a ton of force and can't get it to budge. I emailed Coral Vue support and this is the answer I received: "You should not have to remove the impeller shaft during normal cleaning, only when replacing the shaft or the motor block...
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    Programming my heater/ fan is seriously startung to hurt my brain...

    Here is what I use for my fan in the summertime: Fallback OFF If Tmp > 78.5 Then ON If Tmp < 78.0 Then OFF If Tmp < 70.0 Then OFF In the winter, I plug in my heater to the outlet where my fan was plugged in and adjust the programming to: Fallback OFF If Tmp > 78.5 Then OFF If Tmp < 78.0 Then...
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    Copper band

    I purchased a Copperband about a year ago to try and help with an aiptasia problem. Luckily it took care of the aiptasia in about a week and mine eats frozen food, like LRS, with a passion.
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    Custom sump makers

    IMO, you can not go wrong dealing with Jeff at Lifereef. He will custom build you exactly what you want.
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    Aiptasia Laser

    Here is a video that Melev created. I purchased my laser after seeing this.
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    Aiptasia Laser

    It's the first laser shown on the link I posted above. Not sure why it doesn't take you directly to it.
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    Aiptasia Laser

    I purchased this one 4-5 months ago after watching a youtube video by Melev. Works well, just be sure to purchase some additional batteries.
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    Roast my tank

    Your tank is so fat that........
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    Co2 refills?

    Lately I have been going to All Florida Fire Equipment at 6060 31st St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33714.
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    Hollywood chalice - New growth or recession?

    New growth! Mine is massive and looks like this.
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    Calcium Reactor and CO2 pressure

    I've always run mine around 3 PSI.
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    The Life Reef Skimmer Club

    I agree, I do not think that piece belongs and although it's been years since I had mine apart, it does have a hex key hole to break it apart.
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    Moving to Tampa

    Ken, welcome to the area. I live in Sarasota but always plan my "business travel" around stopping in at FAOIS when I need stuff.
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    AV99's custom 600g Reef Savvy on site build-Lots of pictures

    Impressive. Following with interest and jealousy! :eek2:
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    pump to pump out brute can

    I've used a 317 GPH Quiet One for years. Finally had one go bad after 5-6 years and spent another $20.00 to replace it. It mixes all my salt water in my Brute, then I attached a 25' hose and fill my tank after a water change.