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  • Would you be willing to sell the reeflink for $50 shipped? I see one for $60 right above your post, if you can do $50 I will buy today.

    I have read in one of the threads that you use Aquamaxx WS-1 on your reefer 170.
    Could you kindly provide a long term view of using this skimmer?
    I am thinking of using the same skimmer on my reefer 170.

    Thank you
    Hi Mike,
    I see that you have a 60x30x20 and looking to get the same. Went to my LFS and they suggested 2 overflow boxes one on each end with 2-1262 Eheim pumps. It see to me that you only have 1 overflow and 1 Eheim 1262. Does this work for you? Your tank looks awesome! Looking at having my tank produced by Lemar or a place my LFS deals with in Tacoma Washington....Thanks for your time to respond.
    Happy New Year!
    hey mike,,,i was wondering how you like ur elegance 200 skimmer.
    im upgrading my system and i cant decide between the elegance 200 or the rlss r8-e,
    also can the elegance be ran exertnaly
    Hi there,

    I'm writing cause im curious to know how was your experience with aquastyle. where are they, how was the transaction. I'm a new hobbist and I'm very interested on LEDs for my tank. I'm putting together a FOWLR to start with. Thank you in advance for your help.

    P.S. How do you like you fixture so far?
    Hey bro sorry to hit you up but this time charge me for a reading, I am buying new bulbs and lowered the lights 6 inches let me know any saturday or weekend you can come by? Thanks again for giving me the first reading at least now I know.
    Solitude127 very nice looking tank, I had one question in regards to your lights are they 48" or 60"?
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