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    FS: ELOS Planet II MH / T5 / LED fixture **MINT**

    Selling my ELOS Planet II pendant. Single 250W DE MH, 4 x 24W T5s, 2 x Reefbreeders Lumenbars. MH Bulb is a phoenix 14k around 6 months of use on it. MH ballast is IceCap T5s are a mix of Blue+, actinics, and have some spares. Age 6-8 months on all. One Lumenbar is the 22" version the other...
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    Time to revive this forum

    Would you ship to Miami?
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    Live bacteria

    How so? The bacteria in a bottle is the same thing just from another source, and you wont run the risk of introducing pests into a new system. I always do the shrimp method though.
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    Salt mix

    I've been using IO for over 20 years. The Georgia Aquarium uses the same, if its good enough for their whale sharks, its good enough for my clowns.
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    ISO bubblegum digi

    Looking for a frag of bubble gum digitara, if you have one for sale or trade in Miami please let me know. The only thing I have available for trade at the moment are some OG PPEs. Thanks.
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    Looking for a Hawkins frag

    Anyone in soflo have a frag of Hawkins for sale? Thanks
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    Doing a very budget build for a classroom, need stuff

    I have a new 20lb bag of Fiji pink sand you can have
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    What do I do with this pencil urchin?

    That’s some good eating right there. The claws can be snapped at he knuckle, they regrow them.
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    MH stuff for sale

    Any 250w DE bulbs?
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    Looking for a Par meter for some quick readings

    Just setup a new to me tank and would like to take some par readings. Small Elos tank with MH / T5s / LEDs. Should take 5 mins. Willing to pay for the use and some sps frags once I start fragging. I'm in Miami Springs. Thanks.
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    RKE, RKL and Archon. Digital Aquatics

    Probably just means an updated version coming
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    Two Elos glass sumps for sale

    Sure, why not. Have one left. PM me for pickup info.
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    FS: two 250w metal halide retro kits

    Selling two metal halide retro fit kits. Each kit comes with a 250 watt electronic ballasts and bulb bases with reflectors (Bulbs not included). $75 each. Pick up in Miami Springs.