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    RBTA split machines.

    Ignore the GBA, it's been a long fight to get it under control. But seriously, this is out of hand.
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    RBTA split machines.

    My rainbow bubble tip anemone won't quit splitting. Is there a trick to getting these things off their rocks without killing them?
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    Does anyone know if I can feed my anemones wild caught shrimp? caught shrimp

    Mine keep eating my peppermint shrimp, you'll be fine I'm sure.
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    Sudden changes in corals, may be dying, need chem advice please.

    I can't seem to edit my posts, but to clarify, my original salt mix was Aquavitro Salinity, not to be confused with actual tank parameters of salinity.
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    Sudden changes in corals, may be dying, need chem advice please.

    Reef Crystals scored the highest on their tests, I believe after several days their Alk/Calcium levels slightly elevated. Now salinity will increase over time if evaporation happens. When I was using salinity if I waited 48 hours or more my values cratered. I would see from 11dkh/430Ca to...
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    Sudden changes in corals, may be dying, need chem advice please.

    BRS recently did a study that found a lot of the top brands of salt mix don't maintain parameters for very long. Oddly enough Reef Crystals was just about the best for long term storage. I find that Salinity precipitates so fast that I have to use it within a 6 hour window. It might be...
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    Free Photoshop software?

    +1 for the Gimp.
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    Silica Packets in my tank.

    I verbally expressed my dissatisfaction with their foolishness. Making screen tops tonight to prevent any more "accidents"
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    Green Hair Algae - Ready to Give Up!

    I'm into week 6 of Vibrant treating, GHA is gone but the nitrate spike caused a Cyano outbreak. I would certainly monitor parameters if the GHA is overgrown, but I couldn't be happier with this product. The GHA is gone and now I'm just doing cleanup on my bubble algea trying to reduce and destroy.
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    Silica Packets in my tank.

    Okay, I have some very irresponsible people living with me and I returned home from a work trip to find a silica packet floating in my tank. While I know this is probably relatively benign since I know some sea life requires silica but is there anything I should be concerned with here?
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    What salt does everyone use?

    RSCP, probably switching to IO soon though. I did some testing and found that RSCP mixed where I wanted it to after 24 hours but I'll still testing and adjusting before doing the water change. Might as well just go IO if I'm still doing the adjustments.
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    Hanna Phosphrus Checker

    Occasionally I find that user error is my biggest issue. Dirty equipment, incorrect sample sizes, ect. Generally speaking the only test I have real issues correlating to other test methods is the Hanna Calcium tester but that's because of the sample size. I've switched to a syringe instead of...
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    Help with hair algae/ diatoms

    Due to my work lifestyle I had a massive GHA outbreak. I started using Vibrant reef and dosing once a week. Works like a charm, we're about 6 weeks in and all of the GHA died but this caused a Cyano outbreak due to high nutrients. Now I'm dosing vinegar and doing 30% weekly water changes with...
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    Another salt thread!

    As an update to this topic and after testing several batches of IO and RSCP I haven't had the same issues I had with salinity. While I was able to minimize the amount of fluctuation I get with salinity with by mixing the salt bucket before using it. This allowed me to get some short term...