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    Free Mantis, Pick-up ONLY!

    Hello, I have a small brown mantis, the smasher type...I've had him for over a year and a half, and he is about 1.5-2 inches in size...He's in good shape and is free to anyone who would be able to come and pick him up. My place is very close to the MBTA station, and I live in JP. Please email...
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    Looking for free mantis in boston

    Hello, I'm looking for a free mantis in the Boston area. anyone have one? I've had a O. scyllarus before and I have a little tiny one now...
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    O.Scyllarus, 6 inch, 10$, MUST PICK UP (boston)

    Hello, I am moving at the end of this month and have too many tanks! I need to give my Peacock Mantis to someone that will take good care of it! The mantis has been in his tank for about 9 months, he's molted 3 times with no problems, he's of the green coloration, has both his smashers, eats...
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    keeping multiple mantises in the same tank

    2 in one 2 in one I have two mantis in one tank and I have removed the separator. One is a tiny 1.5 inch and the other is a 6 inch O. far no problems. I try to keep the big guy satiated...
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    odondactylus scyllarus shell disease..

    shell disease shell disease yea, that sound like shell disease. I have a Peacock mantis (O. scyllarus) and he had small white patches which slowly grew and then became blackish and then even bubbly...I was told he would likely have trouble when he molted and would die, but he survived his...
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    wtb: Mantis shrimp for $40

    peacock mantis at lfs peacock mantis at lfs Hello, There is a peacock mantis just like the one in the picture in the original post. It is a little more than 4 inches and has great coloration. It also just recently molted and is doing well. It is for sale at the lfs here in Boston, MA. The...
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    Looking for a mantis?

    mantis at lfs 75 mantis at lfs 75 there's an O. Scyllarus at the lfs near me and it's 75! that's outrageous.
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    mantis molted!!!

    pounding pounding Hey, Has the mantis been pounding the glass ever since you got him/her? Or has it just started recently? My O. scyllarus pounded on his tube for 3-4 was pretty constant...Kept waking me up! Eventually he molted! -sean
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    camelback shrimp

    camel shrimp camel shrimp My brother had one for some time, and eventually he started eating his ricordea! I wanted to give him to my mantis but he was too fast, plus my brother has a tall 30 gallon hex. We ended up having to chop him with the scissors.
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    it's worth it it's worth it just get one for's worth it. You won't find much less since you have to pay shipping charges... -sean
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    Questions about new mantis

    1) I guess depending on how new your mantis is, he may not go for the snails someone else said, you may want to feed him shrimp first by putting it in front of him. He's probably just getting adjusted to your tank. Sometimes when I do a big water change, my peacock won't eat...
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    (not mantis related) Funny Crawdad Story!!

    crawdads crawdads WhenI was young, the crayfish would escape all the time too. They'd be found driying up near the curtains, and we'd get 'em back in the water and they'd be fine! (usually) One time their 10 gallon tank in the garage became frozen in the winter (lived in buffalo) my brother...
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    New pics of our mantis shrimps

    nice! nice! I can't believe you have so many tanks! They're nice! What kind of mantis are you getting for the other tank? -sean
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    info on sitting up a Mantis tank please

    simple set up simple set up Hey, You can basically set it up like any saltwater fish tank. You should add extra deep gravel/crushed coral so they can burrow and hide...I would go with live rock too. Make sure it's cycled and throw the mantis in... -sean
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    pounding -> molt?

    great! great! That's good to know! thanks for the info! -sean