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    Should I dip ORA Corals

    Another vote for dipping before putting them in the tank. I've used TMPCC for years with no issues but I might just be lucky.
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    Put together your best SPS rainbow from your tank

    Nice tanks and cool thread. Hope to see more
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    pink lemonade growth shots?

    Once established it grows pretty fast. Until it encrusts though the branches grow VERY slow if at all (at least that's what mine did).
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    How much for Tyree watermelon chalice?

    Anymore over half the corals I see for sale are labeled Tyree, ORA, ATL, etc... I stopped paying attention to the names people give them because it's almost impossible to know for sure where the piece came from. I agree with soccerbag, if you like it buy it and enjoy it.
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    CPage Pot o Gold Favia pic!!

    Very nice!!!
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    Whats cheaper the LFS or online?

    You'll likely pay a little more local but it's worth it in my opinion. Seeing the fish before you buy is pretty important. I would also take it a little slow and not add all the fish at once. Don't want to spike your bioload all at once. Also it's nice to get the more passive fish in first...
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    colonies vs. frags

    I'm another that prefers the frags for all the reasons above (cost, adaptability, etc...). The biggest reason is I enjoy watching all of them slowly grow into a small reef.
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    Favia Show Off Thread

    Top for me to take a trip to Trop and pick up a few new pieces...
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    Best tanks from around the world.

    Some amazing tanks. Inspired me to go clean the glass :)
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    rainbow monti placement

    This is what mine did a few years ago when I had one under 250 DE's.
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    My new chalice!

    Looks good, nice start
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    Favia - King Midas & Raptor

    Raptor Peace Favia I don't think I've ever seen a King Midas Favia (I have the Zoas if you want a photo of those)
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    Jason fox lite brite chalice

    Beat me to it. I've only seen frag photos and would love to see something a little larger. This is an incredible coral!
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    Anyone use their Blackberry to run Aquarium App?

    I'd be interested in something like this also. I may try to figure out how to get my controller to text message me.
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    how long does vodka dosing take to see results?

    I use microbacter7 as well as vodka and it's working great. Here's a dosing chart for vodka, I don't need near as much as what it calls out but it could be used as a starting point until you get your system where you want it.