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    Rare earth magnets in doors

    I'm a DIY speakerbuilder. Neodymium magnets are frequently used by DIYers to hold speaker grills onto loudspeakers. You can find a wide variety at Parts Express. Veneering MDF is also very easy for the hobbyist. Just get some paper backed veneer...
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    RO/DI system a must have???

    I lived in an area that had >300ppm TDS tap water, and used it in a reef with no problem. Practically all the TDS was calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate, so I didn't mind so much :) Inverts in the tank didn't seem to care either. I read over my city's water quality report many times before...
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    Recycle your batteries!!

    There is no need to recycle standard alkaline batteries. Toxic heavy metals were eliminated from their manufacture in the mid 1990's (the primary element of concern was mercury). The technology does not currently exist to make recycling alkaline batteries cost-effective. As a result fewer places...
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    Teen may lose hand to flesh eating fish tank bacteria.

    I was breaking down a tank about a month ago, and touched something that gave me contact dermatitis that covered left index finger very rapidly (blistered in under 15 minutes). I still have no idea what I touched, but it freaked me out at the time. Now this stuff... ugh.
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    RODI -go green! no more waste water!

    Separate anion and cation bed deionization units can be recharged using fairly inexpensive though somewhat nasty chemicals (lye and hydrochloric acid). The resins themselves can be re-used many times making it extremely cost effective for large amounts of water production. In the chem labs in my...
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    My first coral pics

    So I snapped these while I was at a local aquarium conference this past weekend. It was the first chance I've had to take coral pictures with my DSLR since I don't have a tank up right now. Caveats: I used my 24-70 since I don't own a macro lens yet, I forget my polarizer, and the pansies were...
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    2.8 Macro Lenses don't actually shoot at 2.8?!

    Agreed. I at least understand this. This is where I am getting confused with all the things I am reading on the web. My understanding is that in order to focus, the lens elements move internally (IF) and that this changes the actual focal length. This also causes a larger circle of light to be...
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    Some Coral Pics with my Canon 7D

    I agree with Reef Bass, they look overexposed on my monitor. I have had problems with the built-in meter on my D700 overexposing coral pictures, and the meter in your 7D should be no slouch either. Check your metering mode (spot might work better than matrix) and make *absolutely* sure you have...
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    2.8 Macro Lenses don't actually shoot at 2.8?!

    Please explain.
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    Canon Rebel T2i + EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

    Crank that aperture down so you get some reasonable DOF and try shooting from a tripod if you aren't already. Don't rely on camera autofocus either if you are really close in.
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    2.8 Macro Lenses don't actually shoot at 2.8?!

    Yep, everything you've posted jives with what I've read. The 105mm Nikkor I've been wanting actually indicates the change in effective f-stop in the viewfinder as you approach 1:1, whereas I understand from talking to Canon users that Canon lenses leaves the info in the viewfinder at the set and...
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    Black PVC Pipe / Black ABS Bulkhead questions

    Hi guys! Thanks for the fast repies. Acrylics, I looked at some of the black threaded fittings I have gotten from Savko in the past and sure enough they say Spears SCH 40 if you look close! I also have some that say Dura PVC SCH 40 if you look close, so I guess
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    Black PVC Pipe / Black ABS Bulkhead questions

    Hi, I will be installing some black ABS bulkheads in my tank this week, the standard ones that pretty much everyone uses. I also will be gluing some black PVC pipe together with black PVC fittings, as well as to the black ABS bulkheads. All materials (bulkheads, pipe, fittings) were purchased...
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    Power Compact bulb socket attachment

    The waterproof rubber molded-plug connectors from my ballast to my PC bulbs has failed due to heat/time. I have cut them off and would like to use these: Can...
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    What are some of the better/best LEDs on the market?

    Yes, my apologies. It is in fact the I, III and V that Luxeon now lists as not recommended for new designs on their website. Specifically...