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    Powder Post Beetles

    So I have a 50 gallon tank that I've been running for about 12 months now. The tank and it's inhabitants are doing well and my coral's (mixed reef) coloring and growth have been really taking off over the past few months. I bought the oak stand from a guy who was frustrated with the hobby and...
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    MHs, LEDs and Zoanthids.

    I've been struggling with getting my LEDs dialed in so that my zoas flourish like they did under T5s. They are surviving but not thriving if you know what I mean.
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    lighting questions

    If you don't want a chiller than MH is out. You might be able to get by with t5s and no chiller but you might need fans. I needed a chiller when I had T5s on my 90 gallon. I would definitely research LEDs as you might find something that works in your price range and you won't have to battle...
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    Tank size opinion

    Go with the 180. I guarantee 6 months in you will kick yourself if you decide on the 125.
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    Reef Octopus Skimmer Question

    I have the NWB-110 skimmer. In a recent move I've managed to lose the plastic screw that connects the silencer holder to the skimmer. Any ideas on where I can find a replacement? Size of the screw? I'm going to call Coralvue but figured I try here first. Thanks!!!!
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    snail dead (picture)

    Wow I've never seen that. You might try pulling him off the glass to see what happens.
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    Filter Sock in Sump?

    I've used them and I don't have a sump designed to hold one either. I also clean mine by running them through the washing machine with no detergent. Works like a charm.
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    Is it safe to add fish yet

    No matter exciting it feels to set up a new tank you will be much better off in the long run if you go slow.
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    Tank Temperature - in-sump or external skimmer

    I prefer in sump since they will overflow from time to time especially while breaking in.
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    Where can I buy a custom overflow box?

    +2 glass holes
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    how long do we want the lights on during cycling?

    I run lights but only keep them on a few hours a day. I like to keep algae issues to a minimum but also like to peek in the tank even during cycling with the lights on.
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    How many of you use different pumps, siphon tubing, buckets, etc. for ur QT?

    I would use separate equipment as well. Not worth the risk IMO.
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    Wall damage behind aquarium? How to prevent?

    I've had similar issues with my tanks and moisture damage to the wall. You should be able to hit it with several coats of Kilz and then paint over. You should also Kilz and paint the entire wall and not just the damaged area. Sometimes it takes 3-4 coats but eventually the water damage will...
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    Royal Gramma Belly Missing

    The fish might have died from natural causes and then your emerald proceeded to eat away at the fish's midsection.
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    Bulkhead Question

    I was thinking this as well but wasn't sure. I guess I could install it and water test for a few days in the garage to see if there is a leak.