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    Moving a 90g tank

    U-Haul has vans and pickups for around 20.00 and you get it for a day.
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    LoJack's 144 Gallon Reef Build

    Tank and stand are looking really nice. Do you plan to vent the canopy?
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    75 gallon thrifty new/used setup :) build.

    Looks good! Is that an anchor on the right? What is it made of?
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    WTB 300gal 8ft acrylic or larger tank Kinda far though.
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    The Volcano Tank - Konolua

    That is an Amazing tank! How do you keep the rock in place? So, is the expectation that the snails and hermits be eaten by the crabs and reason why you have to replenish so often? Doesn't that get costly? Do you get any salt-creep on the rocks?
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    How to protect a center brace?

    I had a 400w mh over a center brace for over a year and nothing happened to it. I made sure the fans kept it from getting too hot.
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    Pretty Shady....

    I've bought from them on their website about 3 years ago (if it's the same 'roesmarineworld') The frags did great and also got some extras. I would contact them asap and also take pictures if you haven't allready.
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    Pretty Shady....

    USPS envelope? Were they smashed? I've had zoas shipped in wet paper do fine.
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    going out of business sale

    pm sent on 100 gallon rubber maid tub 30 bucks,
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    i ate some sea urchin last weekend

    Are urchins a common thing at sushi resturants? Can you get it at a grocery store? I have only tried sushi once and could barely keep it down. I can't imagine them tasting good.
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    i ate some sea urchin last weekend

    I always thought they had poisonous spines. They have these at sushi shops?
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    Do you remember....Tripping down memory lane

    Paul B, what was your first coral that was alive? They must have been alot cheaper back them.
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    Do you remember....Tripping down memory lane

    Does anyone have the thread on the oldest reef tank on the site (not sure if it was started in 60's or 70's. I remember reading it along time ago, but can not find it. Id like to read it again.
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    I performed Fish Surgery on my Coral Beauty

    I heard that small amount of clove oil can sedate a fish. I have never tried it.