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  • Hey there!

    That's a great decision given that a 55g tank is much easier to maintain than a 10g tank. I know that sounds a little weird but if something goes wrong in your saltwater tank it will happen a lot more slowly with 55 gallons of water than it would with 10g of water.

    A great book to read is called "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" by Robert Fenner. It's a really good book that explains the basics of reef-keeping. I have heard about a book called Reef Keeping For Dummies but I haven't read it...I'm absolutely DYING TO though! hah hah. I hope it's a good book too but I don't know for sure. That Bob Fenner book is great though!

    Of course I don't mind answering any questions you have at all.

    Did you guys get more live rock? You should ultimately have about one pound per gallon of live rock so you'd need 55 pounds total.

    I'm glad you guys upgraded! I'll be there all weekend. Feel free to stop by whenever you'd like to talk about the tank.
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