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  • hey-saw a pic of your old biocube with the T5 light on it, and was wondering if you could send me a link on where you got the fixture...it's so pretty. i'd love to have one like it.
    Hi. Saw your add for skimmer & lights for sale. I could be interested in the lights. How long have they been in use? Could you shoot me pictures of them, and if you wanted to get a shipping quote, my zip is 65584.

    Hey buddy. It's Jim. Just picked up a 40 from Joel yesterday. Pretty cool guy. What's your take on closed loop systems?
    The best advice I can give you and im sure you have heard it on here already, but take your time and do your research
    I'm just so excited to get this underway. I am graduating in less than a month and then can dive in. I just have to find a tank first and find a pick up truck and then I'll be well on my way.
    well i can explain to you what a bulkhead is. i bulkhead is if you tank is predrilled. an overflow is a box you hang on the back so the water will flow into the sump.

    he has tons of coral. i got some zoas, rocordia and toadstool yesterday.
    Yeah I definitely plan on going to the meet to get some information there. I don't know if you have to RSVP or something like that so I will look into that. I am going with a 75 gallon tank with hopefully a 40 gallon breeder sump if I can find a stand that it will fit under. I don't know the difference between bulkheads and an overflow so I will have to do some researching online. I think I will go get my rock from atlantic sea farms then. I would like to see what he has in the way of corals as well. I posted on reef discussion about what my plans are for the tank if you wanna do a quick search.
    also you can get rock from people on craigslist and get it pretty cheap but if you go that route i would let the tank go for a full month to make sure you get any bad things on the rock to die off before you add anything.

    im not an expert but i have read alot online. so feel free to ask me anything. and also go to the meet. im sure you can get some advice there. ill be getting my first frags from there. i cant wait :)
    as far as the rock, i would suggest going to atlantic sea farms. i got my rock there on the first of the month and my tank never cycled. he is also less costly than the fish stores. well it isnt the end of the month and i have a small clean up crew, 2 clowns and a scooter blenny and all are doing well. i love that my tank never cycled. as far as coral, im not sure. im new to that part. but sea farms is cheaper than fish safari and i dont think he is just quick to sell like your local fish store.
    ok heres the break down. and everyone else will prolly tell you the same....as far as tank, what do you wanna do? whats your budget? its best to start with a minimum of a 55 gallon tank and minimum of 50 gallon sump. if you can, i would go with a tank thats already drilled or find one that is tempered glass so you can drill the bulkheads. the problem with over flows is they can flood if not setup properly when the power goes out. if you do go with an over flow box, you need one that is 10-20x flow of the tank. so if you get a 55 gallon you should use a overflow rated at least 550 gallons per hour.
    I am still trying to find the tank that I want to set up. I can't decide what kind of overflow I want. I know that I want a sump but I don't know enough about tanks and sumps and where the drilling should go yet enough to make my decision. I am going to go to the meet to get some feedback from some experienced people. Should I get my rock from the guy you got yours from or fish safari or should I try and go through someone from the meet? what do you think about fish safari vs where you got your live rock from? especially in the coral dept.
    fish safari is good. the guys seem to know their stuff. i was upset i went to animal jungle for my firstclown cause fish safari has the black percula i wanted :( but i think ill just be going to fish safari for my saltwater needs.

    def get some rock from jimi and join the hampton roads reef club. i think i am gonna go to the meet so i can get my first frags to put in my tank
    What did you think about fish safari? Yeah I called the guy and talked to him for a bit from atlantic sea farms. They are also a sponsor of the local reef club so that is pretty cool. he just moved pretty close to my house so I am going to go see him at some point and maybe get my live sand and live rock from him as well. Are you going to the local reef club meeting on Sunday may 1st?
    And if you have any questions I may be able to answer or get you in the right direction. I just setup my first saltwater tank and its running good. Ive been on here on and off for 2 years and reading. There is tons to know but spend your time reading here. There is alot of useful information on here to use
    Well check out altantic sea farms. He ranges in prcies for coral at 9.99 and up. Lots of starter stuff too. His live rock goes for 4.50 a lbs and sand is .75 per lb. You cant beat those prices. Im going to fish safari after work today. I want something really colorful but dont feel like paying $35 for shipping
    Yeah I went to animal jungle on Sunday and wasn't too impressed with their selection. I then went to fish safari as I live about 3 minutes from both places and was blown away by the selection of corals and fish they have there. I talked to a sales associate for about 20 minutes and he seemed really knowledgeable (take it with a grain of salt because I have just started researching daily for a few hours in the past 2 weeks) They have all kinds of snails and crabs to choose from and a ton of different tanks full of coral as well as tanks on the top that are covered which you cant see into so other competitors cant come in and steal their ideas. The thing I liked the most was the tank at the very end on the far right aisle that had 20 dollar frags of corals (a lot of polyps and soft corals) for people who are just starting out and want to get a variety. All of their tanks were really clean IMO so go and check it out and tell me what you think.
    The live rock and sand I bought from a local guy who aquacultures it himself locally. He also sells corals and soon gonna sell fish. Check out their website. Atlanticseafarms.net

    As far as fish, I made my first purchase from animal jungle. After looking around i wasnt too happy. They have some huge aiptasia anemones, if you want to know what one looks like go there. Also the corals were covered in algae. I purchased my other fish from Care a lot. Im going to check out fish safari. They pretty much specialize in salt water fish.

    Also check out hampton roads reef club. Im on there and lots of local people to talk, trade, sell, and buy reef items and livestock
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