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  • Hey, I just noticed you are from Mt pleasant. I live in Mt. Pleasant as well. I am cycling a 80 gallon rimless right now. just wanted to say hey to a local reefer.
    Just wanted to touch base with you on the dc pump and see if there was any update
    Lol sorry tolow ball u! Its mark, I use to work at coral corral. How are things going.
    I'm looking to purchase a new tank and the one that I'm looking at was build by Atlas Tank Works. I hear that you have a tank that was build from them as well and I wanted to get your input on the overall quality of the tank.
    I got the 6055, thanks for the super fast shipping...and that pump is super quiet I taught it was not running.
    Just realized I never responded to this (or at least I don't see it) I thought I did so maybe I don't get how this part of the board works with approvals and all. Anyway its my local LFS who has a place that builds Guardian tanks they are the #3 glass maker with PPG being #1.
    Darn I thought I sent this last night...

    You had delays were those out of their control? I'm trying to time this and I'm about 19 weeks out so I should have time but wanted to know if the delays were normal or excessive, was it just frustration you had or was that an ongoing issue.

    I'm looking at a 26 tall so I can stay with 5/8 glass as the height drives thickness but it'll be 96 long by 36 wide so its still a monster. Would you have done anything different on your dimensions? I was looking at the 300dd too but I really wanted to get to 8 feet for the space.

    Did you have any heartburn because they are so new, Tim said they've only done about 16 to 20 tanks and I think your's was the first to cross the boarder?

    You were originally going to buy the lighting from them right? Then decided to go in a different direction was there a reason behind that?

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the questions but I appreciate your input and turning me on to them.
    You still happy with the tank from Atlas? I've been chatting with Tim since looking at your posts and trying to figure out if I should go with them.
    When you say cap do you mean the little one that acts as a lid or the big one on top?
    I was reading through the Pukani/Phosphate thread and saw you were using PhosFree (like me). Do you remember how much you added?
    I saw your post about Pacific sun LEDs. Do you own one? If so, I would like to hear about it. - Mitch
    Hi, i sent you a PM regarding the silver/green palys you posted that you couldnt give away. if you are still looking to get rid of some i would gladly take some. just getting started and my tank is still pretty bare.

    I ended ordering the professional series. I might set the tank up in a corner built book shelf which would make it difficult for me to get to the back of the tank for the refuge. I am really excited about it and cant wait to get it. Clay said it was shipped yesterday so hopefully I will have it next week. I have been putting together my list of needed equipment and supplies....I cant believe how much things have changed over the years. I first started the hobby when I was 15 yrs old and worked in an LFS after school. 25 yrs later things are so so so different. As soon as I start my build I will create a build thread on here for everyone to see as well.

    Hi SPotter:

    Thanks for visiting my thread. I responded to your post, so check it out when you have the time. Let know if you ordered the Signature or the Professional. I'll be able to help you better with the Signature since that's the model I have. Thanks again.

    - PDXaquarist
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