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    Onyx picasso clownfish

    That's good info. Thanks for the heads up
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    Onyx picasso clownfish

    Beautiful fish!! Unfortunately extremely rare. I'm fine with the price being asked for the fish, but I can't seem to find anyone who stocks these online.
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    Onyx picasso clownfish

    My wife and I have been looking for a nice pair of onyx picasso clownfish for about 6 months without a lot of luck. Any suggestions for where I should be looking? Are there any breeders that specialize in onyx picasso clowns? Any help would be appreciated!
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    What kind of controller do you use??

    RKE here I was going to buy a RKL but I found a very good deal for a whole RKE setup for about the same price. All i really plan on using it for is temp control and possibly ATO
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    Next upgrade from a Biocube

    Agreed ^^^ I went from a 20L in college to now setting up a 75g at home. I went with the 75g do to space constraints
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    Ten Month "Showcase" of my 38 Gallon Sumpless Reef

    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed the video and music What are you running for equipment?
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    Kessil A360WE

    Thanks I ordered two 360W-E's last night from BRS :)
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    Kessil A360WE

    Need opinions from Kessil owners, would 2 360WE's be enough for a mixed reef 75g tank (48"x18"x21")? I really want to be able to keep LPS/SPS/anemones/clams/etc... Thanks!
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    My 112G Cube Build Thread. I'm baaaaaaack!!

    This build so far is inspiring. Subscribed. I'm interested to see what you do with the herbie overflow. I'm not entirely sure teeing off the plumbing will work correctly... hopefully you find an easy solution. I'm deciding between the herbie style overflow and C2C bean animal atm for my next build
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    Diy 20l

    Any update on the tank?? Did you ever switch to MH?
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    Sam's 7.5g Do!Aqua cube lit by 320 Christmas LED lights

    Awesome start to a build. Subscribed.
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    Diy 20l

    I would personally get sunset monti. I've never really attempted SPS due to their requirements, but sunset monti has always been one of my favorite corals. I love the setup you have, and thanks again for all the great pictures!
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    Diy 20l

    Thank you for the link about the Herbie method, and the great pictures of plumbing! I couldnt find your thread on nano-reef, anyway you could shoot me the link in a PM? Thanks again for the pictures, and sharing your setup. Its a gorgeous tank.
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    Diy 20l

    Wow, nice tank. Thank you for sharing. I'm in the process of redoing my 20L build, I plan on drilling the tank and going with a sump, is there anyway you might be able to snap a few pics of your plumbing?