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    Haven't had time to check email but do you ship to the US? If possible I'm asking you if you are not willing to help point me in the right direction please so I can purchase corals from you and not have them change color or worse die.

    Thank you


    T Nguyen
    May I ask if you are still experimenting with the bio rock method? I'm just starting to look into how it works. Thank you.


    Yes au is australia. I am using bio pellets and have zero no3 my sps are quite pale and the tissue is thin im assuming they are starving. Tbh im reluctant to go the zeo road as i think its a rip off and im not sure its any different to no3 dosing
    Au- australia?
    Tbh its not a common thing anywhere, there are a few on rc i think, but its not common. Also a few on ur in the uk, but mainly these are ploughing it in in an attempt to artificially keep no3 at measurable levels (not something i can do in my tank but i suppose its possible if filtration is a close match to the tank size and occupant numbers. On the other uk forum where i moderate i know nobody who uses this method, most are concerned with quite the oposite
    Fwiw i think its real benefit would be while using carbon sourse
    I have never looked at plant fertilizer, tbh i would have to look into it before i could really comment, but i suspect i wont like what i see

    2 grammes is a lot, i mixed sodium nitrate @ 85g/l and dosed varying amounts but generally 10-30ml every 5 days in my atu (so its a near constant slow dose)
    Currently my po4 is just creeping up a little as i have knocked the skimmer right back (0.024) so i am contemplating introducing a little nitrate to bring po4 down slow
    Its my experience that the lower po4 is, the more nitrate you can get away with putting in, without being able to test a noticeable change by way of nitrate increase, or po4 reduction
    For me at least from the perspective of having large akounts of filtration, its pointless attempting to use potassium/calcium/sodium nitrate to inxrease no3, as its processed so quickly, i onky use as an occasional means to control po4 instead of using gfo (havent used gfo now for 2.5 years)
    Hth mate
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