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  • Andy, what cables are you looking for ? the 110 male plug with the female into the ballast? I have two can't find the third. just let me know....Ray
    Thanks for the info, definately will have to come by and check it out. Unfortunately I used my coworker as a referance already, sorry bout that. Im sure i have nothing to worry about with my tank if a 150 is up there, mines only a 55 (although always looking to upgrade haha). How have you liked living there so far?
    hey, you live in honey tree right? I picked up some brine eggs from you a while ago and thought you were back in there. I am thinking bout moving into there and was gonna ask you a few questions if you don't. Big question is, how big is your tank and can the floors support a big tank? What floor do you live on? and what has been your overall experience there?
    Hi Andy! Yes, things are doing better. I replaced a couple of the snails earlier this week and also bought an orange and purple acan. The acan was a little bit of a rescue but it is doing better than it was in the store, which I take as a good sign for my tank. :)
    Yes. I found the original danae colony back in 2001/02 at a LFS here in Southern Cali. I really didn't know what I had since I just got into sps, and it looked very pale compared to what we see today under metal halides. I had it under pc's!!! HAHA.

    Would love to see a pic of your piece, and any other exotic sps you got. Do you ever trade? =) Shoot me an email at jameshkho@gmail.com if you got pics.

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