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    120 tall for sale

    Please tell me this was a 4ft long tank and not a 6ft.... Steve
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    Hey Strangers

    I'm not sure how often people check this forum, but the MTRC has their own forum at reef 2 reef dot com now. It's more active over there now. Steve
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    FS: Complete setup - 80 Gal. Marineland Bowfront setup w/live rock, corals, etc.

    All livestock has been sold. All drygoods have been sold as well except the tank and tidepool sump. I'm keeping the stand and canopy and ordered a 72 bowfront. The center brace ended up splitting in the middle. It could be replaced, $27 through Aquatic Critter. If anyone is interested in...
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    FOWLR and Artificial Corals

    I like the look of the tank BADGUS. I really like the artificial coral inserts too. But it's the thing on keepin' them cleaned. I bought a reefreplica insert awhile back and never even put it in a tank. It ended up bein' used as decoration on my bookshelf. But I like the open look. Steve
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    artificial anemone?

    Video on youtube. There's more too. Steve
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    artificial anemone?

    When I first got into SW, I had all artificial stuff. I had a fake anemone similar to the ebay link above. Mine actually came from aquariumbeauty. My clown didn't actually host it, but at night it would go and lay inside it. That clown now has a mate and they host hairy mushrooms in a 20...
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    new to area, Hello!!

    I know my tank isn't what you are lookin' for, its 24" deep, but I do have a lot of rock listed with other stuff. When you are ready, maybe we can work a deal. Steve
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    FS: Complete setup - 80 Gal. Marineland Bowfront setup w/live rock, corals, etc.

    Decided to go ahead and list to see if I can move this. I will probably be moving sometime next spring so would like to go ahead and get this thing moved out. Original plan was to set up a smaller tank to move the clown and angel too along with some of the corals and some rock. But I really...
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    FS: Corals - Leather and Frog Spawn

    I'm in the process of takin' down my 80 bowfront reef. I want to try and move some corals to get started. I have neglected this tank for about a year and it's now time to move on. I will be listing more probably by next weekend. Will have the Marineland 80 Gal. Bowfront tank with...
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    I am back

    I remember you Jason. You helped me set my first tank up. I think it was in Mar. 05. I still have that 20g running. I even came by your house and bought around 70lbs of live rock for my brothers 80 bow front...which has been set up at my house for a few years now. I really ain't in the...
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    Haha.....the mods must have partied hard last night and are slippin' today. They are usually on top of things. Or do they just pick on certain members......hmmmmm
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    WTB: Used/Cheap 55 gallon tank for snake.

    Sounds good. Yea would rather take a leaky tank than a good tank. Steve
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    WTB: Used/Cheap 55 gallon tank for snake.

    Don't need a stand. This tank is gonna be laid down. What I mean is, the front is gonna be turned into the bottom. Makin' it 48x21x12...more floor space for the snake. I will build a base for the tank to sit on. Probably 48x24. And then I'm gonna turn what used to be the top into a hinged...
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    WTB: Used/Cheap 55 gallon tank for snake.

    In need of a 55 gallon tank. Doesn't matter if it leaks or has scratches...sides and back will be painted. No major cracks though. Center brace must be there as I'm gonna build a double door lid. Not lookin' for a expensive water tight tank. I guess I should have takin' advantage of the $1...
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    Anybody have any cheap/free aquariums for reptiles?

    Lookin' for some glass tanks. Prefer a 55 gal. But anything will probably do. Maybe even a 29 gal. or somethin in the 3 ft range. Doesnt matter if it leaks, prefer that it does as long as its not cracked. Not like I really need them but just throwin' it out there if you have a old tank...