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  • Hi, saw you posted on a thread that you have some MP40's for sale.
    I'm looking for one MP40 for my 20g. Are they noisy?
    I usually make alot of frags during maintenance, but I have had monti nudis and don't feel comfortable giving away frags because they are a nuisance and wouldn't want to pass them on.

    99 percent of the fish, corals, cuc, etc comes from Fintatstic in South Charlotte. I get all of my salt, additives, and most dry foods from Dr Foster and Smith and Marine Depot. I have spent enough money at Fintastic that they will give me internet pricing, but the internet companies usually have shipping specials that wiht the absence of sales tax is still cheaper through them. Same as lighting, skimmers (I use Euroreefs only), pumps, etc.

    What lights are you running?
    Hi, my name is Carolyn - I post under Sassy Frassy. I'm in Kings Mountain. I'm just starting a 65g, and just starting in reef keeping. Do you ever frag any of your corals? Is there a reef club in the area? Where do you get your livestock?
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