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    Reefbreeder V2/ LED power question

    question for reefbreeder owners, how high above the water line is your light fixture? I am now trying to take into account the height above the water line my lights are and the amount of power I have the lights. Right now mine are about 10 in above the water. My tank is 27in tall. I have...
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    Doing an ati water test

    about how long has it taken you to get result back and how will I know when I do? I sent mine out 11/23/19, still nothing back. I did get a message when I created my account that they no longer email you to let you know they received test or let you know when complete. Do I just have to keep...
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    Receding Tissue - Gonistrea Brain

    What Par level would you keep it at. I am having a similar issue with a favia right now and im wondering if I have it in to much or little light. Odd that it looks like its receding from the left side, not the right but there is no other coral there that could sting it and I don't think flow is...
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    My live corals don't do

    what salt mix? Using RODI water? What lighting? how do you measure salinity?
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    Reefbreeder V2/ LED power question

    Your right and it's funny now but should have been common sense to me it needed more time at the higher settings. Today was first day it ran on higher power and my lps is open bigger than I have seen in a long time! May have solved my light issue lol
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    Reefbreeder V2/ LED power question

    I ended up changing the power on hours (12PM-6PM) only. Left everything else the same. I just changed channel 3,5 and 6 (the blues) to 60% power during that time. So now I have 6 hours of 60% power from those 3 channels. Was ALOT less before that. Channel 3 was my highest at 55% but only at...
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    I'm watching my largest and oldest acro colony RTN.... Suggestions?

    had a colony the size of a soccer ball one time for no reason do the same and die. Nothing else in the tank affected, just the large one. Never found out why, my only guess was not enough light reaching the bottom and once it started it was to stressed to recover???????
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    Reefbreeder V2/ LED power question

    Have been afraid to go up to 100% but maybe I will go for 80ish. Instead of white though I would probably do the blue channels that high. So thinking 3 hour ramp up starting at 9AM and then from 12-6 have my blue channels 80-100%, then back down. im thinking my issue has been not having the...
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    Reefbreeder V2/ LED power question

    I have been in hobby over 12 years. I am no pro but know what I am doing for the most part :). I have only been on LEDs a couple years now (only had black boxes and nor reefbreeder V2s). Ever since setting up the V2s my coral has struggled. I really think it just because I cannot get the proper...
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    Doing an ati water test

    Going to do a ATI water test for the first time. Should I do a water change before I take the water samples? Was going to do a water change tonight, then collect water to send off. Does it matter?
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    6-7000Gl (25.000++) impossable system made possible

    maybe a second layer of acrylic (one for the pool to see through, another being the actual tank). Pretty much the tank butting up to the pool. That way the aquarium temp wont really me influenced by the pool and less chance for water to get into tank incase of a seam leak. I would also say if...
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    I had once and siphoned out multiple times during waterchange and added a wrasse. never seen again
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    Sea hare?

    if you have a lot of hair algae then it will work. Once it eats all of it though he will need to go back to LFS or another tank or it will starve. Also while he is in the tank work on fixing the issue that caused the algae so it doesn't return. I have used one before and it worked. If it does...
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    Lyretail Anthias infection?

    just went through this 2 times with 2 sets of anthias. each ones spot grew each day until they died. nothing I did helped. Couple of them the spot turned into a giant hole. I was also told possible Uronema. Maybe a bunch are coming in with it right now?
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    Identify anthias issue, did I mess up :(

    so pretty much stay away from anthias and chromis for now on? Any other fish I should avoid? Are my current residents ok?