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    Baby clowns! Finally

    Very cool! Looking forward to your progess
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    So frustrated right now - Tank disaster!!

    Damn Mason, that sucks. As others have said, let me know if there are any frags I can add to help you get back on your feet.
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    WTB duncan /frogspawn coral

    I have a few frags of bicolor frogspawn. I have a single head or a double. I could cut a bigger frag if you want $20/head and I'm in Agawam MA
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    FS: Green and Pink Bubble tip

    If you get anymore I would be interested. I live in Agawam
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    CTARS FRAGTOBERFEST!! Oct 15, 2016

    I'm very excited to announce the first annual CTARS Fragtoberfest!! The BOD has been hard at work planing a new event for this October. CTARS will be hosting a large frag swap/sale which vendors and hobbyists alike can come together, buy and sell corals, talk reef and learn from one another, and...
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    Ever have one of those days?

    Damn, sorry to hear that John. Maybe try a poly filter to see if it picks anything up?
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    March the Acroholic

    Awesome tank man! Thanks for sharing :)
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    Black Tip Reef Sharks

    Saw them in person today...very cool. I'll let you guys dip your shrimp in the water ��
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    Algae ID plz

    I'm wondering if anyone can identify the algae in these pictures and if they would know the best way to get rid of it or what eats it: A little background. My father added a 90 gallon tank to his existing system and utilized dry marco rock and some reef saver rock that had been curing in sw...
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    2016 Frag Farmer's Market Info Thread!!!

    Cool thanks for the info. I'm considering staying the night as well. It's a pretty long drive for me
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    2016 Frag Farmer's Market Info Thread!!!

    Nice! Is it expensive to stay there?
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    240g failing. Need to find big tank or getting out.

    That's awesome man! Way to turn a tragedy into an opportunity :)