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  • Hey Steelhead,
    Are you able to do any design work. Im interested in starting a complete new reef in a 60"x24"x24" glass tank. I have never done one before and have been reading everything I can to learn the ropes. How do you feel about the BeanAnimal overflow design? It sounds pretty nice after reading everyones post with success. Do you do 3D renderings / designs. I also would need a sump design with Refugium. A closed loop as well. Skimmer and that sort of thing. Any input?


    TonyC from PHX AZ
    Have i thanked you for the BTA, I think so but he's just so cool I feel I should thank you again.
    P.S. clown fish to arrive by end of next week.
    Most people flame me because I encourage people to take a wait and see approach. I think I have the cred to back it up. I don't see the point of stressing out fish if it's not necessary. It's pretty frustrating the amount of mis (or just plain bad)-information there is out there.
    I've been reading the fish health threads, It appears your the man w/ the plan. Thx, for the contribution. I feel as though I'll be able to spot the problem( if 1 arises) before it takes my tank.
    That is a good sign. They only move when they are unhappy with the conditions. If the flow is right and the light is right, they'll stay put and won't wander around. None of mine have moved for months. I'm glad you like it. Take care.
    Thx, so much for the BTA. HE seems to be doing well and didn't move far from where I put him in the tank. He hasn't moved at all, since his first move, and I think that's a good sign. He has already eaten once. You really helped push my tank into a real reef tank, and now I can't stop looking at my tank, it's just that amazing now. Thx again will send pic soon.
    Quick question? Should I worry about acclimating anything to my lights, seeing as your lights are stronger than mine?
    It was nice meeting you too Kimberlee. That Green Star Polyp will take hold pretty fast. It looks cool once it gets going, but it can take over. If you get too much just peel it off and pass it around to other reefers. I would expect that BTA to split again within the next 3-6 months. Feed it a half a silverside or some Krill once a week or so and it will grow pretty good. It won't get as big as my Rose, but it will still look cool. Good luck with the clowns when you get them and send me some pics of your tank.
    Thx, for everything. The BTA looks A Okay, hasn't moved yet so I guess it's happy where it is. Everything did open when placed in the DT. Once again thank you, you have a beautiful tank.
    Hi Kim, When I run carbon, I put it in a bag and throw it in my filter sock. THe best way is to run it in a Phosban reactor so that it tumbles a bit. For your lights, I would probably take out the 6500k and put in another 10,000k. When I had T-5's I alternated blue, white, blue, white. IDK if it matters though. I've seen some that have the blues on the outside and the whites inside. The meeting will be a good place to get various inputs on it. A word of advice...bring some money, Ryan (R-3) lives about a half mile from the meeting place (so do I) and he has a BUNCH of very nice corals for sale for very reasonable prices. Bring a small cooler to keep the stuff in that I'm going to give you. See you tomorrow. -Scott
    Hows it going, looking forward to the meet tomarrow, and meeting everyone. I'm doing my WC today and was thinking about running some carbon for the next 48 hours, Any in put on the carbon? Also when I picked up my new lights I picked up some different bulbs. Right now I'm running 2 actinic blue pluses s and a 6500k actinic and 1 10,000k sun. I have on hand 2 more 6500k actinics and 1 10,000k sun, if you think the BTA won't like the blue plus's. Maybe you have a suggestion for bulb arrangement, I don't quite know yet which bulbs are going to give me what I want for my tank , and the live stock what it needs to be happy.
    Roommate and I are in a heated debate. He says all clown fish are born male. I say their all born unsexed and go to male and than some become female depending on the situation. For my onw benefit who's correct?
    Cool, like I said I've been readying all day. the one thing I didn't see any info on QTing whether it's even necessary. I hope it dose well, this is that one thing I enjoy everything about, including the education I'm getting in ocean biology. So I can just put him in and keep my eyes on basic signs of stress, like him not staying put or losing color. Maybe not coming out, those types of things?
    Your tank should be ok for the BTA. They're not as delicate as some make them out to be. So I know many here say to qt EVERYTHING, I don't subscribe to that. Anemones, corals, inverts etc, cannot host ich so I think this is overkill. QT'ing fish is one thing, but, IMO, qt'ing inverts is not necessary. I would not worry about it, especially if you know where it's coming from. Honestly, I've only qt'd one fish and this was because I was upgrading in a week and just put him in my little nano until the upgrade was complete. QT if you want, but most LFS's in our area use copper in their tanks, so I don't worry about it.
    One thing, what about QT? As I've not read anything about BTA's needing to be QT, I would like your in put. Even if I don't feel it's necessary to QT a new addition I'd like to maintain good habits.
    I have two duel bulb t-5's tanks 19" deep. Is it enough? water is always stable, like you said shouldn't over do it. So I do my weekly WC mon. when kids are at school give a little cal depending on tests. Also adding some more rock over the next week to make sure I have enough, and my tank is only a month shy of 6 w/ excellent coral line growth. No bad algae, power heads are already covered and I've been reading everything. Clown fish are not due to arrive till the end of the month, will be un-sexed fish,and I'm not counting on them hosting, but if they do that would be great.
    Most folks will tell you that your tank should be set up for at least 6 mths before you add an anemone. That probably is a good rule of thumb. Nem's can handle a little "dirty" water - meaning some nitrates. A BTA should have some rock to anchor itself to. Good flow is a must as well. Once you drop it in your tank, more than likely it will move around until it finds a place it likes, then it will anchor itself. A lot of people get frustrated because sometimes they end up not where you want them. Having a clown hosted by an anemone is hit or miss. My two percs found a home in a large mushroom covered rock and my two pinks live in the Rose's, so it's not gauranteed. What I find, on this site particularly, is that people like to make things a LOT more difficult than they need to be. If you keep your water good, then most everything will do fine in your tank. It's when people fiddle with things too much that they tend to have a lot of problems. I look forward to meeting you too.
    Got a ride to the meet, looking forward to meeting you. You've been a good source of advice, and helped my tank a lot. Could you explain the requirements needed to care for the BTA as I want to be good to it.
    Just found the need a ride thread on pnwas, hoping I will be able to make it to the meet that way. It's funny, this is a really tight community. I had no idea when I set my tank up that new friends were included,( thought they'ed all have fins)
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