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  • Hi, Steven,

    I posted this message on the forum. Just not sure if you see it.
    I found your articles about Marine Velvet very helpful. Since you mentioned that formalin has a strange way of effectiveness, do you thing treating the fish with formalin for a couple days and move the fish to a brand new clean tank will cure the disease? Formalin will make the trophonts fall off, the formation of dinospores will be inhibited, the dinospores are killed, so the fish itself should be clean of disease now. Since I don't know how long does it take the formalin to kill the dinospores, by keeping the fish in formalin for two days should do the trick, right? I can then transfer it to a new tank. There would be no free-swimming guys, and the drop-off trophonts should be at the bottom of the tank, and if not, you can rainse it off before you put your fish in the new tank. And for security, one can also keep formalin in the new tank for a couple more days. Is this plan workable?
    Hey steven,
    from reading some threads, it seems like you are associated with Icecap. I have a question as I just ordered the 6x54 Reef Illuminations Fixture. How do you manage to keep the temperature from being an issue without fans?
    Great in depth research! I thank you for taking the time to explain this common ailment we all experience every now and then....

    Thanks and god bless!
    If whatever livestock you removed from the quarantine tank is safe to transfer to the main display, then the quarantine is ok. If on the other hand, the animal died in quarantine, then it should be sterilized and restarted.
    Dear Steven Pro,

    I read your article on having a quarantine tank. While I it was always my intention to have, one there was some excelent information addressed in it. I have one question though not addressed and I cannot find an answer anywhere. After the quarantine is over weather meds were used or not, do you tear it down and wash it with a solution of some kind? And what about the filter? Do you clean it then hook it back up in the sump to cycle again? I donot have a set up yet. I am simply in the research phase right now and would like to have all the information before I put it into practice.

    Thank you for your time,

    Lanham Straus
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