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  • No problem. Its a really easy method of getting your ammonia cycle started without dealing with a really stinky fish.
    Is there a certain type of ammonia that I should get. Like a name brand or anything? I'm going to Home Depot.
    Don't know if you still have the Apex thing that you were giving to Nick Brown & you forgot to bring it to prop last spring. If you still have it will you bring it to prop. It's something he was getting from you for my tank. Thanks Bev Herr
    Hey, I didn't know if you were still looking for anything for your prop grow outs or your own tank but my brother just got all of ejpreefer's colonies and has really nice red planet, purple acro, 3 different green acros, really nice colonies and he is looking to sell some frags or mini colonies. If you're interested or know anyone interested let me know.


    I was trying to leave some feedback for ya and can't seem to locate the feedback tab.
    Good morning, I read your post and I have a high nutrient tank and have been able to bring back a hammer, and a few torches from other tanks. I have excellent luck with acans and a rare deep water lps coral. my tank is a 175 with some extra room available. My cell is 623-628-9514 if you pick me. Thanks and have a great day. Rachel
    Allen... of course I remember you. I even remember your cosmetically challenged clam!
    The zoo aquarium is in fair shape. To be honest, it could be worse and it could be better. Mark (puter) is the in charge over there so you'll need to ask him about specifics.
    Whereabouts in AZ are you? I can't remember. Are you near Dave Morel? -Gary
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