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  • Good afternoon. Rob (zygote2k) told me that you have an amazing purple monster colony. Would you happen to have a frag available for sale?
    Stonecold. Remember in your TOTM article you mentioned a member who stated, "Nick, keep the system running, it will keep your sanity in check" ... Who was the member who stated those, now pivotal words, which enabled you to persevere and attain one of the highest honors in our hobby ?
    Hey, congratulations on TOTM! Was very excited to see that you keep a Moorish Idol. Are there any threads that you could point me too that discus MI husbandry? Any tips? What is the large red coral in the front of your display tank? Congratulations again. Beautiful tank! Glad you didn't quit the hobby
    I talked to you alonggggg time ago about getting some of your SPS frags for my tank when it was ready. Well, the tank is ready and I have been saving my $$$$ Do you have any frags for sell at this time?
    Hey Tony, things are so so. Work wise, I lost my job in Feb and started to Temp since June on a contractual basis. They have been extending me, but its only a month each time.:-( Tank wise, I've upgraded since the last time you came by. I have a 180 now and mostly frags. So, it will take some time to mature.

    How have your been? How is your family and tanks?
    Hey nick..

    how things going man?..I just lost all the PMs..and finally came out with your nickname..

    any good news?..

    let me know .....

    take care..
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