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    DIY Hood Concepts

    Here is one: Stu
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    New&Improved 5Gal bucket skimmer with Orca

    You could buy just the venturi from reeflo. Where it says "This forum is not for selling." above, I was offering to GIVE AWAY all of the pieces for that skimmer if the recipient payed for shipping. I guess that is "selling" All the parts went in the recycle/trash bin many months ago..... Stu
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    DIY Kalkwasser?

    The store version of pickling lime is called "Mr's Wages Pickling Lime". That is all I ever use. I put it in this: thread: Stu
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    My findings on Masterflex pumps, automated vodka dosing, and continuous water changes

    I use one of these pumps to pull water through my CA reactor. So I have a few comments: 1 - You can get the variable speed pumps (what I use) that either look just like the boxy ones above with just a knob on it or they make fancy ones where you set switches to tell the pump which head, which...
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    electrical wiring guru's

    Bean is correct. Each GFCI feeds two switches. Each switch controls one outlet to the right. To do that, you need to break away the connection on the outlet to have independent control. There is a small brass piece that connects both outlets together. They are designed so that you can snap it...
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    electrical wiring guru's Stu
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    Recently upgraded Ac3Pro firmware, now temp graph doesnt work

    OK, This is STILL not working right. I am pretty sure I am not the only one with this problem. I have checked the graph from three different computers and two different browsers. NONE of them can display the temp graph, but the Ph & ORP work fine. What is the deal? Stu
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    Help - Need Loaner Reeflo Pump

    You can replace the seals yourself in one pump in about 45 minutes. Order the seals from CO springs & you can have them the next day. Stu
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    DIY LED driver for reef lighting

    DWZM, I saw this device in a recent copy of Electronics products: A search of the DIY forum didnt turn up MIC3203 and I dont recall what all chips you messed with. However this one looks like it has all (or most of) the...
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    Does anyone know what kind of tubing this is?

    check (cole parmer). If they dont have it, it probably doesnt exist. Stu
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    electrical help

    D p
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    electrical help

    "but you do know that you don't need multiple GFIs." However, you should use more than one so that the whole system doesnt go down from a single fault: My power center has four GFCIs Stu
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    Hydraulic trunk lifts for canopy?

    here's mine. I got the gas struts for ~$5 ea from Stu
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    Recently upgraded Ac3Pro firmware, now temp graph doesnt work

    Ah HAH! The plot works under IE, but not with Firefox..... IF I do it with a fresh browser! The temp graph fails with IE or Firefox if I try to refresh it! First try with IE works though, later updates dont work. Stu
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    Recently upgraded Ac3Pro firmware, now temp graph doesnt work

    Well, if this is a useful data-point: I installed HeneryH's Free Android App, and the plot works fine.... My problem must be Windows PC related? Stu