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    Full Tank Shot Friday!!!

    I believe Mike's magic trick is the MH lighting. When I ran my 90g set up it had 2 MH light's on it. Everything looked awesome and the overall health of the tank was great. When I went to the 225g set up, I tossed the MH and went T5. That tank never handle as well. One day I'll set up another...
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    Best sand cleaner?

    I found these guy's worked really well back when I was in the hobby. And there not very expensive at that.
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    Getting back in...

    Hummm...the 3time of us together @the the same time...that's like super heros getting back together ;-) I'm alive....I'm surviving day to day. Imlon2 informed me he went to a gathering yesterday and I thought I'd look in on ye ol fourms. Ur new tank looks nice, I'll try to pop in from time to...
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    Getting back in...

    This is possibly the worst statement ever made. First and major mistake: Being seen in public with either farmer or angler. And u not only went into the general public, u took an innocent person with u and was with both of them. The Duo of doom. Shame on u man...Shame on u!!!
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    Getting out tank 4 sale 240 wide

    Ok mangobusa83 and panaboy95 will be @ my house tommorrow around 10:30ish/11:00am to pick up the stuff. So as of now everything is SOLD unless something happens between now and then. Anyone who has nothing to do, or just want's to give a helping hand you are more than welcome to help. Just give...
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    Getting out tank 4 sale 240 wide

    French is one who helped get it into the house, so peace of mine with him. French you can get your drum whenever your read, other tha today(im out of town today).
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    Getting out tank 4 sale 240 wide

    The tank will fit in a 6 foot bed. You could put the canopy on it and strap it down. The stand is built to be taken apart, it has to be in order to get it out of the room. You "might" be able to fit it all in a full sized 8' foot bed. But you are quite a drive from here, if it were me I would...
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    Joe Kidd is on the western channel....

    Westerns?? These are the shows my parents enjoy watching. While I realizes "wookie's" are from time's "long ago past " I didn't realize they lived for such extended periods. I just though Nooky-da-wookie was from recent time's. However with such an admittance of the love for movie's made when...
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    T. P. I. R.

    Naw they throw a "purdy" contest and all us reefer's will have to vote on your ugly mugs to see who win's.:lol2:
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    finally bought one after almost 5 years

    Congrats! That's a good buy. I left mine run 24/7 with no real issue's. But this was after I flooded my house a few time's too (do to my ignorance ). If you need space or not, you could just use a 5 gallon bucket as the top off. I did it for a while, and IM LON2 does it too. Place the float...
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    Getting out tank 4 sale 240 wide

    Mangobusa, Some guy said if I still had just the tank by sunday he'd give me $500 for the tank only. He has evverything else he needs. If you want everything, I'll take $700 if it helps you, money talks & BS walks. I'd like to see this go to a local reefer rather than some stranger. I'll part...
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    Getting out tank 4 sale 240 wide

    That's right, there are NO scratches anywhere on this tank. It does need to be cleaned up has some Purple Coraline on the back glass, but other than that the tank is perfect.
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    My 180 in wall build

    Shhhh. Don't tell anyone, im on the down-low now just lurking. You didn't see me, I was never here...:strange:
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    Stuff for sale

    Ok stuff that is for sale: Tank- 240 gallon 60x36x25 (4 two inch drain holes on the top back, cali overflow style). No leaks or scratches.--$675 Lights- (2) icecap T-5 ballast 660 (with wires)-$80 (1) icecap T-5 ballast 430 (with wires)-$65 8 reflectors-$5 Water proof end caps come free with...