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    Trigger expert

    little. I wouldnt think of it as passing on a problem rather more like preventing one.
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    Trigger expert

    post them up for local sale or trade. someone will bite. other than that. pull one out and put it in a 10 gallon for safe keeping
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    Trigger expert

    seriously those two clowns are not going to have a happy ending no matter how happy they seem now. I suggest you do some reading on that subspecies. They are brutal to each other.
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    CUC for FO or FOWLR w/trigger, tusk

    In my 125 I have urchins, starfish, and brittle stars. the rest I have to do by hand as all the snails and hermits have been dealt with by my triggerfish and wrasse.
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    Trigger expert

    they got along because they were both sexually immature. pairing them up in the home aquarium is really hit or miss(usually a miss) premnas clowns are the only genus that cant be paired by allowing them to grow up together. I would take them both back. Maroon clowns are kind of a grey area. They...
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    Trigger expert

    yeah the more I look at them those are white stripe maroons. the female will kill the subordinate. I give them a couple days from the start of first noted aggression. remove one or both ASAP. no amount of lighting changes will make this less true. I wouldnt rely on a marine biologist to be...
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    I found my Nemo!

    polymnus was my first clown. I love those guys especially the black variant!
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    Trigger expert

    those pics arent the greatet but they dont appear to be percs at all. Can you get some better ones? They almost look like juvi maroon clowns and if that is the case that would explain everything.
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    Sleeping patterns in clowns..

    I've owned quite a few different clowns over the years and they are hands down my favorite fish. My Clarks complex clowns sleep laying down in the sand(they snuggle if you have a pair) My Percs and occs sleep in their host or the top of the tank. My maroons sleep next to their host or nesting...
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    Getting a new male Tomato for a female in her established tank?

    small gladware containers or strawberry baskets are the best way to introduce new males or juveniles to an established female. plan B would be to remove the female for a week or two and then introduce the subordinate and the female back into the tank at the same time.
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    Trigger expert

    Like every other diurnal animal they use a 10-12 hour light cycle with 12-14 hours of darkness. with new animals I like to leave the lights off for a few days. you still havent given us the age of the animals. if one is a mature female and the smaller one is undergoing a sex change she will...
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    Trigger expert

    doubtful but stranger things have happened. I've seen mated pairs turn on each other for no reason I could see. Are the clowns the same age? Also when you say picking on is it more chasing or is there fin damage and missing scales. Often enough their social interactions look like fighting but...
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    Show Us Your Lionfish

    Heres my volitans.
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    Trigger expert

    clownfish are fickle. also what kind of clowns are they?
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    Reposting here (no response in newcomer category): Wartskin angler?

    I wouldnt keep one in anything larger than a 40 and it would indeed be a species only tank. I cant really add anything to the above advice. Try fasting him for a week and try again. Post up some pics. I love these guys.