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    ATO for a big lift? help!

    Thanks for the info., Great stuff guys. I changed the setup out today from a rodi 1/4" tube to a 3/8" tygon flexible tubing and the hammer effect is gone. I think the fact that it goes to a larger diameter, and the tube itself is flexible is what cured the issue. It was really obnoxious before...
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    Buying a large running system with no truck and few helping hands

    get some heat packs and stick them to the buckets. They make ones with adhesive on them already.
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    ATO for a big lift? help!

    got the spectrapure, and although it pumps fast, strong, the water hammer affect post pump is obnoxious. How have you guys dealt with the flapping around 1/4" tube.
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    ATO for a big lift? help!

    Wow thanks for the replies guys. This is super helpful. I saw a couple stenner on ebay, but they are still pretty expensive $200+, and the history and what they pumped is unknown. Looks like a lot of them are used for pools, which means they pumped chemicals, which means I'd need to buy new...
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    ATO for a big lift? help!

    I need a new ATO pump for water top offs (55g reef). I'm looking for something around 50ml/min. I have used the BRS 50ml/min peristaltic pump but now I am on my 4th one and they are made like crap. The gears strip. My main issue is that I need to pump up from the basement to my tank, and I...
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    RKL question - ATO only at midnight?

    Is there a way to make the RKL only activate my ATO at midnight? ATO is currently setup with the switch function but when I add a timer to it (12am, 1hr duration), it ignores it. What gives?! I have a special reason for wanting to do this.. I do water very often automatic water changes from my...
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    DA ReefKeeper Lite help - quick question (automating a water change)

    n2585722 - yes I am using myreef. The stuff I am doing is basic I think, and it didnt work through the head unit either. I actually cant get anything to turn ON when using standby mode! I tried this on my RKE and it worked as expected. There are some greyed out features in myreef because I'm...
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    BRS 1.1 vs LM3 vs drews dosers

    BRS are solid. I have 1.1 and 50ml ATO. I've owned 8 of them, no issues. Get them on sale, otherwise kinda pricey.
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    DA ReefKeeper Lite help - quick question (automating a water change)

    I'm using a RKL to try and automate a water change. What I want to do is use the standby mode to initiate the change at will. I want to start it with a 5 minute run time (to empty my sump) and let a pump run, then when it goes off, I want the ATO to kick on (which was set to OFF when in standby...
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    Holy moly, a new reef controller in town soon! ReefAI Who's gunna pre-order with me?
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    custom hot water heater for large systems?

    Actually I do use a regulator of sorts (mostly closed garden hose faucet), so I guess I could just put that before the solenoid. This isnt going into my rodi line, it comes from my hot water line directly then through the coil.
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    custom hot water heater for large systems?

    Hey thats perfect! I could do a low temp alert and turn on a port on the RK and then just hook up a 24v power adapter. (Just noticed that its 24v AC, kind of weird!) Do you think it would be able to hold back 80-90psi for long periods of time? I have high home water pressure.
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    Are we as hobbyists greedy???

    In my experience, most reefers are ridiculously cheap people. :) There is a difference between wanting a good deal and just being a cheap ***! Its a strange dichotomy; a wicked expensive hobby with the most frugal of people as its user base. Perhaps it does make sense! We're all poor from...
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    custom hot water heater for large systems?

    I also have a coil heating system as a backup in case the power goes out for long periods. I found that if I let just a bit of water through it keeps the tank at 78deg (90g tank). I connect rodi line to the metal coil but it's a manual process now. Is there some robust solenoid that will...
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    Rock Flower Anemone

    Remove the angel!