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  • Hi- apparently I missed all the fun today w/ Doug Drysdale. He is a TBRC sponsor for 2018 and has been for some time. I have added our other 2018 sponsor to the stickied thread at the top of the page. I"d like to add the actual document w/ all the information but I can't seem to find that option so I posted links to the sponsors FB pages. If there is any question about current sponsors, please message anyone on the board. I realize this isn't our page but we've been here a long time and get a ton of traffic here. Let me know what needs to be done in order to keep my phone from dinging about this stuff. Thanks! Michelle Davis
    Hi.. I got a warning titled something like "improper selling" and I had titled the thread "coral compulsion anyone?". What I meant by that and went on to say in the thread was that I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this company. I guess you thought I was trying to sell coral compulsion products. Sorry for the mistake.
    Hi Sugar Magnolia--Thank you so much for whatever you & Bertoni did to re-instate my old profile SwampyBill. I won't give you mods any reason to question your decision. I've missed this community immensely & will do absolutely nothing to jeopardize my standing ever again. Thank you again for your prompt attention. Bill C.

    Sorry to bother this with you with this silly issue, but fr past 2 years I have contributed to RC as "Premium Member." But after my first year's contribution, I have not not been ID'd as premium member and have not rec'd any of benefit of PM (like extra PMs etc.)

    I have been unable to find any way to contact RC directly, so if you have a means of contacting mgt., I would appreciate your forwarding this PM to them.


    Hey I have like 62 posts and no longer can access seller feed back and buying and selling areas Why Thought I met the 50/90 rule
    One of my coworkers mentioned that place. Said that it's so nice, they could charge admission. Might have to check it out. I work near Dulles, so it's pretty close by. The only places i have been out here are Winchester Aquarium and Pet and Noah's Ark. Ok, but very minimal. Thanks!
    Hello. I live in NOVA, as well. Over on the WV side. I just started my first beginner reef tank a few months ago (55 gallon). Only keeping Ricordea and Zoas right now. The only LFS that we have out here are pretty mediocre. Any suggestions on good reef/marine lfs stores between Herndon and Winchester?
    hey sugar :) its me bigfoot (we met on coralforum and we frag swapped you sent me those killer eagle eye zoas) im getting back into the hobby and i saw you on here and i figured id say hello :)
    You wouldnt happen to have any pics of your 30 gallon oceanic cube would you? Im working on setting mine up currently.
    SM---I accidentally infracted YOU---I gotta get better at these buttons ---i did, of course, remove it.
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