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  • Hi this is Gary from the secret club.
    This drawing is the general idea that I have for the tanks on hand
    Let me know if anything looks like a really bad idea
    A key aspect of this is having one main pump at the bottom of the route that will start and stop the whole flow in the system.
    One issue is reliance on Gravity/siphon when each tank will only be about 6" lower than the the one Ahead of it in the route.
    So a physics question ...
    Would a tank/siphon intake 12" above the outlet point move significantly more water than an intake siphon 6" above the outlet point?
    I noticed on a post you might be looking to get rid of a 92 in a couple mths, if the deal falls through with the guy who made the thread, send me a pM!
    still have the 180? shoot me a couple pictures. I'm in Massillon
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