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    Additional medicine and prazipro

    What do you mean with CB?
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    Additional medicine and prazipro

    I have dosed a regular doses of Prazipro as I always do as a precaution in my qt and now one of my tang shows ich. I dosed 3 days ago - how soon is it ok to dose copper medication after a regular prazipro as suggested on package?
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    Selling a house with a built in aquarium

    I think it will Turn Off buyers before you even get them to the table. I had two regular tanks and it was already a problem to show the house. To many peoe don't care and if it is built in it raises concerns with buyers.
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    Does Silicone Bond to Acrylic

    As far as I know it does not bond.
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    reef octopus skimmer??

    Reef octupus skimmers are great. Best skimmers that I have bought over the years. I think the 150 sss is a good size for your tank. I have the 200 sss on my 210 gal tank and it is working great.
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    Anthias question. Help

    No they are relatively peaceful as are the sunset that I have. I can recommend both of them.
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    Anthias question. Help

    You can find them on live aquaria. I have a group and they are a great fish.
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    Background or no background

    I painted it with black paint. Rolled it on with a small roller.
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    RBTA too big for tank?

    they are beautiful but I had four in my 215 gal and I lost a lot of corals due to them...
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    Tank temperature poll!!

    78 to 79
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    SPS Lighting need you input

    Lol that's a question you ask 10 different people you get 10 different answers.
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    Radion LED intensity

    You should really look into getting a PAR meter. Otherwise you can only raise it slowly and see how the corals react. It depends on so many variables to determine what's the right inr nasty for you (type of coral, depth of tank, lights height above water, color setting of LEDs )
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    Background or no background

    Black background not even a question IMO.
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    Ideal reef tank depth?

    I like the extra height of the 27 or 30 inch high tanks. My tanks are now 24 deep if I ever do a custom built I would go with 36 inch deep or more but build it so that I can access from back and front (built in with fish room behind).
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    Slimer turning brown with no P.E.

    Stop using it and see if it makes a difference.