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    URS Buffalo Spring Frag Swap: Saturday, June 8th at A Reef Creation (Official Thread)

    Ill have mostly zoas and palys and other odds n ends, let me know if anyone is looking for any specific morphs.
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    LF My Celmentine Zoas in Buffalo

    I think I have one or two frags left ill have to check. -Chris
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    Lets see your zoanthids and palythoas!

    Heres a couple from my collection.
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    OT - HVAC Buffs Unite!

    id say ask redrider911 I know he used to do hvac work.
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    Is there some big video game premiering today?

    You get perks and bonuses waiting for it at midnight when you go in the next day you just get the game main reason people wait in line.
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    OT: Paintball?

    More of a different hurt and sting to it, even with army camo jacket you'll feel it through all the layers especially if a sniper gets you ;) my guns are shooting around 350-450fps with .20-.25s. Plus nice thing about air soft you can use real steel parts.
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    OT: Paintball?

    Im with Dusty on this one airsoft for me.
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    Aptasia removal help

    Depending on how many you have I use the super glue method works great if you don't have a lot, and it makes killing them on any frags safer too.
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    thinking of changing

    Have you tried a fan blowing across the water via sump or over the top of the display water? Alot of times this will be a more efficient cooling method than ice.
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    URS Summer Frag Swap @ A Reef Creation- August 25, 2012

    Thank you, That rainbow nebula is my mother colony but I have a couple frags available 1-3 polyps. Here's the prices; rainbow nebulas (1) 1 polyp $35 (2)1 and a baby $40 (1) 2 polyp $60 (1) 3 polyp $70 Yellow raptors (1) 1 polyp $10 (2) 2-3 polyp $25 (3) 5-6 polyps $40 lemon blow pops (1)lg...
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    URS Summer Frag Swap @ A Reef Creation- August 25, 2012

    Thanks! Here's a couple more; Yellow raptors Bloody marys Flaming magicians Lemon blow pops like blow pops just a yellow skirt instead of green One of my favorites Rainbow Nebula similar to RDPEs single head neon green frogspawn
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    URS Summer Frag Swap @ A Reef Creation- August 25, 2012

    Here's some of the frags Ill be bringing I still have to get more pics if i have time. lemon lime pinwheels pink lotr morph fire and ice micro rasta explosion triple sec red steels coppertones let me know if anyone is interested some frags I only have 1 or 2 available. hopefully ill get...
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    HEY! all you SPS keeperss, ya YOU!

    Spot on info:beer:, I would also add having sufficient lighting is very important factor also. Imo the biggest killer in most sps tanks or sps in general are swings are related to alkalinity.
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    URS Summer Frag Swap @ A Reef Creation- August 25, 2012

    I plan on being there, anyone bringing any rare zoas or sps? ill have some zoas and maybe some lps and euphyllia too ill post up when I get some time to take some pics.