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    Georgia Aquarium - "reef" exhibit?

    Stopped by the Georgia Aquarium last month, first time since 2007 and was hoping to see a much more matured reef at the Tropical Diver reef exhibit. I was in shock how far this had gone down hill since I visited last time. Not much in the way of corals at all, just some dead/dying caps and...
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    breaking it down......well.....most of it anyways

    FYI not planning on making my way to Roanoke any time this summer, but if a bunch of people are interested in picking up some stuff maybe we can organize something for one person to pick stuff up for everyone...and I can workout a reasonable time to be available...
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    I DOSED nitrate, and all can say is WOW!

    I can totally believe this. I used to have a planted tank years ago, and they have a method of dosing nitrates (KNO3 I think) to make the plants grow and out-compete the algae for the macro-nutrients. it works like a charm! i had plants growing like crazy. only trick is you need to do...
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    downgrading to a nano

    looks like the days of keeping a decent sized reef are coming to an end....I have a 65g system for 4 years now, and due to time/energy constraints, I need to downgrade to something more manageable. I'm looking to downgrade to something around 15-25g (prefer glass...I'm done with...
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    mantis free to a good home

    I'm breaking down my small 10g mantis tank. The mantis (Gonodactylaceus ternatensis) is free to a good local home. He is the same mantis that Marvin had for several years at the old store, and I have had him for 2 years. He is about ~4inches, and will eat flake food as well as snails and...
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    high pH an issue?

    i can't keep up my alk or calcium to tell you the truth. i try to keep the alk up to 9, but it always comes down to 7 in about a week or two. i thought the calcium was staying up for a while around 410, but last i checked that also came down to about 330 and I had to bump that up. but...
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    high pH an issue?

    I've been doing saturated kalk in my auto top off water for about a year now. And for a little bit over a year, my acros have not been happy at all (just acros). I have eliminated all possibilities of pests and other issues. I always notice that my pH is reading around 8.55 to 8.65...
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    Tyree or ORA - Neon Green Toadstool

    does anyone have any pics of these japanese green leathers? the ones that have the green base and supposedly knock the socks off of the tyree version.
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    Any other neon green Japanese leathers out there?

    gonna bring this one back from the grave! Fliger, any updated pics?? anyone else?
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    Z moving

    where are they moving to? i think the move to c-burg was the worst decision ever, bad location, competition with other stores (i.e. petsmart). the place was always buzzing in bburg, and always felt empty in the new cburg location..... hope you guys have more luck with them in the future...
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    do any locals still have these palys?

    no, those are not PPE's. PPE's are purple with a green skirt. these are purple with a pink/red skirt. I got them from manderx, a bunch of people in bburg and radford had them.
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    do any locals still have these palys?

    these floated around blacksburg for quite a while....I lost mine to some killer algae a while ago, but they are still my favorite. anyone still have them?
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    Would you give the Hobby up ...

    i'm currently going through a similar situation. all of my acros are dead/dying slowly over the last year. no clue as to the cause....seems like I have looked for everything and tried everything........very disheartening to say the least to watch these things die off that I grew out from...
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    Frag swap haul

    seems as though the federal bailout of the auto industry is doing good for someone!! LOL!
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    best zoom lens for $500 or less (18-70mm range)

    company my dad works for granted a $500 retirement gift for 1 item. the item can't be over $500. are there any good zoom lenses in the 18-70mm range for that price? he has a canon rebel xti.