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    Coral epoxy or putty

    I use this
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    How to colour up rainbow tenuis

    If they are browning out, that is typically due to high nutrients (Nitrate and phosphate)
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    CaRX question on amount of media

    Have you tested the dkh of your effluent? I'm guessing it's not very high. Which media are you using? Some (like arm coats) requires lower than 6.5 ph to dissolve
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    Best pump for sump deep clean?

    I just picked up one of these. Works pretty well, just suck everything into a filter sock as to not have to replace a ton of water
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    Planet aquariums

    The glass cracked. It had an external overflow, which they cut the weir at 90 degrees and no fillet or rounding to it. So it just cracked at the corner of the weir. They now do their externals with large bulkheads instead
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    Planet aquariums

    I've got a 130 gallon planet aquariums "œcrystal series". It's 5x2x20". Good build quality. No issues. I originally had them build me a custom tank of similar size and after having it filled for about a week, it cracked at the overflow. Was a pour weir design (which I believe they no...
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    Official: Masterflex Calcium Reactor Setup Thread

    I know another local who has been running the Kamoer for years and has switched to the versa... once I got the new fittings in mine, it's been working flawlessly
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    Versa pump fittings leak.

    Just be prepared to wait! They did 5-day shipping on that tiny little part. Seems crazy to me when it's clearly an issue with their manufacturing that they couldn't ship it like 2-day...
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    Versa pump fittings leak.

    Thanks. I will call them. I also have an issue where the tubing inside the unit is drawing in air. Have you noticed that?
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    Versa pump fittings leak.

    I'm having the same issue! Leaks on the output side. Quite annoying
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    Birdsnest Coral Turing White

    Looks like that powerhead is blasting too from just a few inches away.
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    Giesemann Lighting Club.

    Those that are running the spectra, how high off the water are you keeping it?
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    Calling all engineers!!

    Right on. That should be plenty strong
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    Calling all engineers!!

    Happy to help! What did you use for the vertical timber?
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    Zero Nitrates = Pastel Acros (dosing nitrates)

    Any updates on this schnitzel? You still dosing nitrates?