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  • Ah, I see. You started a thread that got locked, and assumed because of my name that I eat sushi. Maybe you should read other threads instead of trolling. There's currently one that not only explains where the nickname came from, but also states that I don't eat sushi. Don't troll me. Thanks.
    BigBilly, they say it's a spam filter that holds new poster's posts that have links in them.
    I don't know, it's hard to tell by patterns as they can be different either by age of the crab or even just within the same species. If the shape of the body, the claws, and the pattern are the same, my guess would be they're the same kind. The most important way to ID is by the shape of the body & claws. At least for those of us who don't study them scientifically!
    Do You think it is correct id? I think both crabs are the same type. if You look at the back of crabs they have the same pattern.
    I think someone ID'd them for you already by now? Sorry, didn't see this message until now.
    I'm really good at IDing hitchhikers, but my advice is usually not taken on tank maintenance LOL. Best bet for advice on that would be starting threads to get as many answers as possible on any general tank questions you may have. Welcome to the hobby!

    I m new to reef tanks but already very hooked. I see that you may have a lot of experience and thought maybe I can hit you up for advice when I need it.

    Thank you and hope this is okay.
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